Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glee S1E3: Acafellas Highlights!

Due to the the mean girls convincing Rachel to tell Mr Schuester that he sucks at dancing, Mr. S doubts himself as a leader and temporarily quits Glee. Thus, this week's episode had two storylines. Mr. Schuester and his boy band journey, plus what happens to the remaining Glee club members.

Confidence: The whole episode is centered on it. From Will's confidence in being a teacher to his past lack of confidence for not pursuing a musical career which is what really made him happy. Will's Dad (who is Victor Garber--how awesome is that!?) makes an appearance and mentions he never had the confidence to become a lawyer, but in the end Will has inspired him to go after his dream. The Glee kids also learn to find their confidence in that their group is never going to be like Vocal Adrenaline. Their success will have to come from their differences. Kurt finds the confidence to admit he's gay. And Mercedes voices her lack of confidence in that she'll probably never be kissed or touched the way the popular kids are.

Acafellas Part One: Members include Will, Coach Ken Tanaka, Terri's co-worker Howard, and the newly returned, but now thumbless Shop teacher. After trying to make the Thumbless guy feel better by singing "For he's a jolly good fellow," the boys realize hey, we could make a great boy band! Singing "This is how we do it" and "Poison" they rise to the top-- residentially speaking. They make the local newspaper and are asked by Principal Figgins to perform for the upcoming PTA meeting. They're so good, even Terri realizes what a real babe her husband is!! [BTW I am officially in love with Mr. Schuester. Yes, I'd do dirty things to him.]

Acafellas Part Deux: Members include Will, Coach Tanaka, Finn, Puck, and Sandy (ex-Glee teacher who was a freak). After the quick rise of Acafellas Part One, came their quick fall. Thumbless guy couldnt take the pressure and downed some cough syrup, Howard realizes it was never his dream and quits, leaving Will with Coach Tanaka who can't learn basic dance steps. But luckily, Finn is free since he quits Glee (because they're having some sort of drama on their own) and Puck wants to land some Milfs! Herego, 2 new members. Sandy, who originally wanted in on the first Acafellas was denied due to his weird fetishes. But he claims he can get Josh Groban to watch them perform. And he's looking for an act to kick off his concert tour. So, he is finally allowed. Together, they all sing an EXCELLENT rendition of "I Wanna Sex You Up" at the PTA meeting! Unfortunately, Josh only came to serve Sandy with a restraining order. Hee.
Carwash: Perhaps one of the best musical performances to watch tonight was Mercedes' rendition of "Bust Your Windows." It's been all over the internet but now we know what caused it. In denial that Kurt is really gay, she pursues him only to misunderstand his apologetic confession that he's been in love with someone else. She thinks he's referring to Rachel and thus, throws something hard enough to break his Range Rover windshield! Begin awesome performance complete with cheerleader back up dancers. It's like a dirty south music video but with high school kids and its not in a creepy pedofile way either, i swear!! It's awesome and ends up being Mercedes' day dream. Kurt is yelling at her, You busted my window! And she's like, "Well you busted my heart."

Puck: The boy CAN sing! And supposedly, he can play guitar too! Can't wait for that! We also get a little backstory in that he's actually a cougar-lovin plumber who's sick of dating high school girls because they have serious attachment issues.

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