Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shipper Sentiments: Pacey & Joey Kisses

Season 3 of Dawson's Creek is how I FOREVER choose to remember the entire series. Though there are PLENTY of Pacey/Joey Shipper scenes, I had to start off my new segment with these two specific scenes. The first is when boy kisses girl. The second, when girl finally finds the courage to listen to her heart and kiss the boy so awesomely in love with her. Enough talk, i'll let the scenes speak for themselves. Enjoy!!

Can Anybody Find Me... Somebody to Love??

Since there's a bit of Valentine's Day residue floating around...
And I'm a sucker for those shipper moments...
And I'm forever wasting time on YouTube...

I decided I'm introducing a new segment on my blog: "Shipper Sentiments"

Every now and then, I will post scenes of my favorite TV couples and the moments that defined their relationship. I hope you agree with these choices, but if u don't-- please, feel free to present your own candidates.