Monday, September 1, 2008

The Hills 09.01.08

"how would you like to be dumped?" 

hahahha... I forgot how much I love this show. This episode is probably the best one so far this season. Even better than the premiere. And from the previews of next weeks episode, the season is finally picking up on what it does best. With that said, how Awesome is it that Whitney may finally have a real boy toy on the show! its about damn time!! and I must say her and Alex have way more chemistry than Lauren and Doug. And can I get a boss like that to hook me up with a model!! If only my friends could learn how to set me up on a date like that, maybe I would've coughed up the balls to do some damage this past weekend! =X

Lauren and Doug....I sooo knew that relationship was going nowhere! That's right, I knew it and so did Brody! (lol...yes, great minds think alike.) How EFFIN cute are Lauren and Brody anyway! God can they please get together already!!!! The fact that he watches out for her and already knows which guys aren't right for her... Can u just be the One already!! why do these people who belong together play with my emotions!!?!! I can't even live vicariously thru these people's romantic relationships anymore! 

Heidi, Speidi who? I think the most interesting thing regarding that whole part of the cast is when Stephanie says, "it used to be a hamster but now its a guinea pig." uhhhh huh..... THATS why you and Spencer are related! thanks for reminding me that you're both STUPID!!! lol anyway... 

Best quote:

"My type is someone I've already dated."

Oh it's sooo silly how much Lauren and I have in common sometimes. LOL...I think once upon a time I had this same conversation! I can't wait for next week. The countdown to Audrina's getting kicked out could have started. And Brody and Doug in jail!!! Whaaaaaatttt...! and of course, Frankie manages to stay out of trouble. He really is the smartest of the bunch. lol...that's kinda sad. He's like Fez but smarter. haha... go Frankie!

Gossip Girl Premiere!!

3 words, 8 letters. ::SOBS:: Why didn't you just say it Chuck!?!?!!? if you and Blair are truly meant to be together...WHY DIDNT YOU SAY IT!!!! Why do boys NEVER just say it! lol...You know what, it's ok. Because clearly you still love her and you'll be pining over her all this season and somehow you'll whisk her away from the dashing British lord. But after you learn your lesson. Besides, that British accent is just what the cast needed. (ironically Ed Westwick aka Chuck has an accent in real life!) He is a little on the dry side though... I already forgot his name... James, was it? Well, he would still be the perfect distraction/rebound for Blair. But only for the meantime. As for other introduced story lines, well...
Nate and an older, married woman... Hmmm... a lil too cliche for me. I need that story line to get a lot juicier and more original if continued. Dan and Serena get back together... was it just me or was that WAY too easy?! ::sigh:: that just means they've got a hell of school year coming at them. To be honest I didn't really care where Vanessa was. And lil J gettin snubbed as an intern, didn't we see enough of her being snubbed last year? As far as season premieres go, this one was just a tad bit too tame for me, especially it being Gossip Girl and all. But here's to hoping it'll get much more controversial. XOXO =)

One Tree Hill Season Premiere

I just knew the opening was too good to be true, but lemme indulge in it once again. Oh that first fantasy shot of Lucas married to Brooke....I speak for all Brucas fans when I say it was THE best way to start off the season. I thought it was very wise of the writers to write in a possible scenario with each of the girls so that everyone would be pleased. Except that when Lucas' quickie fiance really turned out to be Peyton, I felt like vomiting.  But whatever, I've been told I'm biased. But in defense of Brucas fans everywhere, Brooke was the first and the longest of the imaginary wedding anniversaries--that's gotta count for something! 

Now that the biggest news is out (Lucas picks Peyton::yawn::), let's move on to the other shocking plot additions this season. First of all, NANNY CARRIE...aka CRAZY FUCKIN BITCH ran over DAN! and is now keeping him hostage in her creepy dead father's old hospital stuff. WTF! I'm already scared for what crazy shit she's gonna try to do to hurt anyone in her way. Poor Naley, there's always something going wrong. And how cute was Jamie and Haley dancing to Flo-rida!! ::tear:: Why can't this family just stay HAPPY! ::Sobs:: And Nathan's back problem... will he never live his dream and play for the NBA!? Hopefully he does someday so we can get some cute NBA stars on the show. What is the deal with Mouth moving to Omaha?? I can't decide if its more excruciating to watch Deb with Skillz (coz its pretty gross), Mouth and Millicent (coz its semi boring and corny), or Lucas and Peyton in their skeezy Las Vegas hotel room with mirrors on the ceiling...(coz they are just soo gay together--Leyton fans be damned!) But nothing could shock me or break my poor lil heart more than seeing Brooke ALONE!!! 

So alone in fact, that she gets mugged right before the damn episode ends! WHY OH WHY do the writers hurt me this way! The previews for next week look very dark and I just can't stand knowing that Brooke is always saving her friends and yet at this moment she's left ALL alone!! makes me sick. Since Lucas is an idiot for thinking he's destined to be with Peyton, we've got to work on getting her a decent man! I've heard that Owen the Bartender will be back this season, but I really didn't find that prospect to be that interesting. I'll even take Chase or Angie's doctor, Ethan. He seemed genuinely interested in her. My goodness... Nothing could have prepared me for that horrific ending and I was expecting someone to get fucked coz everyone seemed to be a lil too happy and we all know that doesn't happen for very long in Tree Hill. I guess I'll have to hold on to the opening scenes of Brooke and Lucas to get me thru until next week. POOR, poor Brooke. ::sniff::