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Grey's Anatomy Finale Part 2 Commentary

We open with our favorite interns all sleeping over at Izzie's room. Bailey walks in and tells them they look like crap and need coffee, signaling the beginning of another day at Seattle Grace. George rushes off to a surgery, Yang and Mer scurry away also, but not before Alex gets all shouty again at Mer about withholding any additional info about the surgery Derek might have told her. Being the best man that she is, doesnt get angry but calmly tells him that its just gonna be awhile before she wakes up. Come on, Alex! She just had Brain Surgery! Yang offers him a shoulder squeeze and tells him Izz WILL wake up. As Yang leaves the room, she witnesses Owen and George from afar and it looks like Georgie has told him that he's ready to be all that he can be with the army!

Bailey went to the Chief's office to see what's new and to apologize because her face is all grumpy looking coz of Stevens. In walks Arizona to announce that Bailey has been accepted to the Peds fellowship program but the grumpy is all but cemented down Bailey's face still. The Chief gets up to tell Miranda that even tho he wasn't supportive about it before, he is 100% behind her now. She just walks away, grumpy face and all, leaving the Chief, Arizona, and yours truly with a big WTF?!

Alex is whispering to himself "wake up" next to Izzie's bed when she finally whispers back "i'm up." His head rises in surprise and starts questioning whether she's really up and talking and even kinda shouts at her. (Alex! what is with all the yelling lately? We're all goin deaf here!)

::white title screen::

Cut to Owen looking quite Zen and we discover it's because he slept for the first time without nightmares. He tells this to Cristina and cant shut up about how *BIG* this is and it's all because of her and going with him to see his mother. Now the skies are blue and he may in fact be able to be a good man again. Good for maybe even Cristina, to be WITH her. Yeah.... I'm a lil sketchy on that too, Cristina-- who clearly has doubts from the look on her face, but Owen tells her not to say anything just yet and quickly gets all in her face and kisses her. ::Sigh:: I like them together but how do i get over him trying to strangle her?!

In a hallway, Bailey is still Grumpy Face when O'Malley tries to tell her that he's gone and done something a lil crazy by joining the army. He says that she'll prolly be mad at first, but that she'll later be proud, because he's sure about this decision. He even adds a little demonstration of how things might go down when he literally tells her his news. The pitch of his interpretation is a little high, but on the the right track, since Bailey utters a "u did whaaat?!" with great contemptual delivery after he finally spills.

Yang and Mer are looking at some files when Yang tells Mer she saw Owen hug George earlier that morning. They looked...::Gasp:: happy. Mer explains that they themselves do not hug when they're happy. This makes Yang ask her if her therapy really fixed her. Is Mer better? or is she Fake Better? Mer doesnt get it, which is weird because you'd think it was about her, she'd be all over it. But we quickly realize she's preoccupied because today is her wedding day. No mess, no fuss. This seems to sufficiently answer Yang's question about whether Mer has really gotten better and then gives her two post-it notes (1 old, 1 new), her favorite pen (which is borrowed coz she wants it back), and everything is blue! ::smile:: that is too cute! especially for my fave BFFs on the show! and to make it even cuter, they opt out of hugging like George and Owen.

Ambulance races down the street and its an unidentified male who's been dragged under a bus. There's a girl in the other ambulance and we find out she was saved by the man and is feeling just a tiny bit worked up so Torres tells LilGrey to get her out of the room. Being the rather useless intern that she is, LilGrey tells the girl to stand ::over there:: Later when they peel off the bandages that were over unidentified man's face, the girl yaks on the operating room floor. Torres rightfully tells LilGrey to get the girl out of there now and rolls her eyes.

Back in Izzie's room, Alex, Yang, and Derek are doin some post-op tests to see if Izzie's brain is ok. She apparently knows her name, where she is, etc and things look good... until she starts repeating herself. Derek says she's gonna be a little groggy and this is expectable but something tells me this was not a completely successful surgery. Frak, I'm already sad and it's only 9 min into this episode. [commercial]

Alex is shouty again, this time at Derek because of Izzie's repeat syndrome. Derek tries to tell him to stay calm and that freaking out isnt going to help. Alex leans on a wall and whispers again, "wake up." ::SOBS::

Mark joins the Man vs. Bus O.R. and so does Derek 5 sec after. It's amazing they can fit this many doctors in one place. Aren't other ppl dying somewhere? Anyhoo, Mer starts drilling into the "hero's" (dubbed by Owen, go figure) head and this brings him to consciousness? coz his eye opens and Mer cheerfully greets him. Outside, LilGrey is effin up the girl's stitches on her arm and Mark tells her to redo them. LilGrey, who has no freakin professional manner or skill proceeds to loudly tell him that she knows he's being this way because she's wounded his ego about moving in. Mark sends her off and the girl who's witnessed this whole stupid conversation tells Mark she'll pretend not to hear what she just heard. Yeah, me and u both. But too bad one of us begins giving Mark relationship advice. BO-RinG. Back in the O.R. and Bailey takes her turn charging in and she's got a bone to pick with Owen about the George joining the army thing. Which she btw announces to everyone that is IN the O.R. including Mer and Torres, who are both WTF about it as much as Bailey is. Bailey tells Owen that she knows he himself came back messed up from the war and better get George out of it. Meanwhile the patient Hero is coding left and right (prolly from all the irrelevant drama going on around him) and so they rush him off to Angio, whatever that means. [commercial]

And we're back... Bailey is still not jumping around for joy when Arizona tells her she at least expected a "yay." Torres, however interrupts by telling Bailey she has a plan to keep George from joining the army and does Bailey want in? Bailey says she is and walks away from chirpy Arizona before she does another cheer. Arizona then turns to Torres asking why they want to stop George at all because she personally thinks joining the army is "awesome." Torres is deeply revolted and walks away. Gee, no one really wants to talk to you Arizona and yet you've been contracted for next season. oh "Joy." (pun totally intended)

In the lunch room, Yang is watching Mer chomp down a sandwich without chewing and it's because Patient Hero is about to be ready for surgery any minute now and she's scrubbing in. Alex sits down and relays the news Izzie still isnt retaining her memory. Bailey and Torres walk up and announce that around 6pm they are all going to participate in an Intervention. Mer is the loving friend who will coax him to his senses, while Yang uses reason and logic. Izzie will use sad cancer eyes and if all that fails, Alex is to use his beatdown skills.

Later in the O.R., Mer is tellin Patient-Hero that he's a hero when he starts making writing motions. She hands him a pen but he stops and just outside the O.R. Mer finds the girl and tells her (name is Amanda) that she cannot be there. But Amanda explains that Patient-Hero is her prince since he basically jumped in front of a bus to save her and she wasn't even nice to him before it all went down. Something tells me there's more to this story and I might be sick about it later. EEk! Also, Bailey is still dodging Arizona but when Arizona finally corners her, she snaps back and we find out the real reason she's all pissy today: her husband will divorce her if she joins the Peds fellowship. [commerical]

Mark and Derek are congratulating each other on a possibly new mortgage purchase and wedding about to go down. They hug and Mer walks in asking why all the hugging today? Owen and Torres walk in with the surgery plans for Patient Hero and they're off! Cut to Torres and Arizona trying to tell her to talk some sense into Bailey about the Peds fellowship, but Torres is still pissed that Arizona thinks George joining the army is "awesome." She storms into the O.R. to get away from Arizona and it appears everything is going well except that they all start talking about how George will do in Iraq. While some are positive that he will surprise everyone, some think he wont fair well and think he might even come back in a body bag. (real subtle, Mark!). This apparently upsets Mer who yells at everyone to shut up. (i think its coz the topic of conversation wasnt about her again).

Back to Izzie and Alex and it's so cute, he's making little colored cards that tell her things she needs to start remembering. One of them is "o'malley joined the army." Izz asks Yang if she heard about this and Yang, looking rather guilty, says yes. Alex gets frustrated that Izzie isnt remembering things, so Yang offers Izzie that she should try to memorize her charts. She asks Alex to come with her outside and tries to tell him that Izzie will not get better by him yelling like a caveman. Alex, predictably starts yelling even louder that this is all on him to make sure she has a life-- one that doesnt include bedpans and babysitting. [commercial]

I guess Patient Hero had a good surgery coz he appears to be stabilized and Amanda is loitering around his room. Mer tells her she can go in to see him. She then goes to see Yang to ask about Izzie and to tell her that she's gonna go get married now. Yang replies that with everything goin on it just doesnt seem like the right time. But Mer says that we need to take the time to tell the ppl we love that we love them while they can still hear it. And she uses the example of Alex working hard to help Izzie and Amanda being in love with Patient Hero to prove her point. Yang looks at her and realizes she really has changed. Mer says, "I love you, Cristina Yang." and this makes us both smile. Yang one ups me by giving Mer an actual hug.

Cut to Arizona (man, she's defiant) barging into Torres' thinking space and telling her that she indeed things its awesome George is joining the army bc her brother died in Iraq due to the lack of doctors over there helping. Naturally, Torres feels bad and grabs her hand before she has the chance to walk away.

Not Yang is in her thinking space which is the space with all he fans and stuff that Owen showed her, when Owen himself walks in. He starts to apologize because he didnt know she was there but she cuts him off and tells him to come in. She then manages to say "I love you" the way most people would say, "I hate brusselsprouts." Hee. Owen tries to tell her he loves her too but she cuts him off again repeating that she, Cristina Yang, loves him. He's confused but what i think she's trying to say is that he has gotten to her in a way no one else has by coming to Seattle and taking out her icicle (hee!) and making her fall in love with him. It seems that she cannot breathe without him. ::tear:: He then tells her that all she has to do is say yes and he can meet her halfway. Somehow, they can make it work.

Back in Izzie's room, Alex is asking a bunch of questions and apparently her memory still isnt 100%. He really loses it this time and starts saying things that she will hopefully not remember. Things like he's married to someone with the brain of a carrot and its not a walk in the park and he doesnt know what he's supposed to do because she made him promise not to let her live a life like this.... oh Alex, aren't u tired of yelling at everyone? It's making me exhausted. Cut her a freakin break! After his lil tantrum, he says sorry and asks if she's forgotten it yet but she hasnt. And the look on her face is less than satisfied with her impatient new hubby. [commercial]

Well its good to know the Chief still works at the hospital as he seems to be finishing up a surgery when Bailey walks in to tell him the news of Tucker's ultimatum. Bailey confides that even though she wants to go ahead with general surgery, she still plans on leaving her husband because what good is a marriage in which your husband does that? Then, she breaks down. Nothing like a heart-tugger when u see the Nazi breaking down... =(

Cut to Mark checking out House options and LilGrey gettin pissy about it. Yeah, I dont care.

In the dressing room, Mer gets a page and Derek tells her that Patient Hero just got a rebleed but that he also wants to check out Izzie before they leave to go get married. She wants to rearrange things so they can hurriedly go off and get married right away. He's all like whats goin on? And she's like, dammit i wanna marry you but there's no time! and everyday is like this! when will we ever get married?! Before she has a full on spasm, Derek asks her for paper and explains that all they need is to write down a contract of what they want to promise each other for the rest of their lives. She replies she has no paper but pulls out Cristina's blue post-its. YAY! They decide to promise each other that they will always love each other even when they hate each other. Second, that there will be no running or walking out of any kind. Lastly, that they will take care of each other no matter how old, senile, smelly or Alzhaimerzy they get. They each sign the post-it and Voila! I now pronounce u man and wife! They stick the post-it note on the wall and decide now there is plenty of time so long as they know each others promises.

Meanwhile Yang checks in on Izzie to take her EKG and finds that Izzie is in a rather snippy mood because Alex basically told her marrying her was the worst thing ever and that he didnt know whether he should smother her with a pillow in an effort to put them both out of their misery. Yang is at first shocked at this and then asks her which card relays that information or did Izzie herself write this down? It takes them 2 sec to realize that she didnt write it down and she's finally remembering things! **sidenote: its the crappy things we never forget. swell!**

Yang finds Owen, kisses him, and says: "yes." Then runs off to find Alex. Elsewhere, Torres finds Bailey with the Chief and tells her its time for the intervention, but the Chief informs them that when George told him he was enlisting, he sent him home to be with his mother. OMFG... I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. DAMN U SHONDA RHIMES! OMG!

We cut to Owen examining Patient Hero and Amanda leaves the room because she can't be there for his surgery. Mer is alone with him and he starts trying to write again. This time he just uses her hand. He then starts writing "o" and "o" again and then, "7." And if you're not shitting in ur pants right now, i'm gonna go ahead and say it: Its FUCKIN GEORGE!!!!

Perhaps on the other side of the hospital, Yang is congratulating Alex on his tantrum that quite possibly saved Izzie's memory. He then happily walks into her room and hugs her to tell her that he would have loved her no matter what. And then... the real shit hits the fan. Izzie's arm falls and I think she begins coding. Alex calls out for Yang. Simultaneously, Mer is running down the halls screaming: "its George!" Torres, Hunt, and Derek are the first to hear Mer screaming and they all run to his bedside while Yang and Alex are trying to revive Izzie. Bailey and the Chief join them and once its apparent that theyll need some heavy duty doctoring to keep her alive, Yang announces that she signed a DNR and they cant do anything to revive her. Alex keeps yelling orders and pumping her heart. Finally the Chief yells, "screw the DNR!" and they grab the crash cart etc. (man, this hospital would be in soo much deep shit. im surprised any of them are allowed to practice at all!) anyhoo, they're trying to revive her while the rest of the doctors are working on George (and u have to wonder again who else is saving the rest of the patients at this hospital) Mer's voiceover comes in again and she starts asking if we've said it: I love you, you changed my life....::SOBS:: Alex is breaking down. And Izzie is back in that pink prom dress walking into the elevator. She goes up and the doors open to reveal... Thank god, its not Denny but OMG its George in his army uniform. WTF this is crazy!!! Izzie flatlines, Alex is still crying and fade to black.

Wow, Shonda. I knew Izz and George were leaving the show but you totally fucked me with that ending. You fuckin rock.

Grey's Anatomy Finale Part 1 Commentarty

ok, i'm goin to brace myself since i've heard so much about this finale and how its supposed to "change my life" or "make me think."

We open with Mer & McDreamy and the morning after their 127th time of pre-marital sex. Yeah, they're STILL not married. But I kinda like them this way and he talks about a beach wedding where they can drink at the ceremony which is so much more them and me for that matter. Important thing here is that Derek has apparently figured out how to carve out Izzie's tumor.

Cut to the newlywed and her handsome love who is being introduced to some Cancer friends. Izzie shows off her ring (bejeweled, might i add) and Alex involuntarily shows his "quality bootie." Elsewhere, Yang and Hunt are discussing the fact he's still being a jerk by not telling his mother he's back from Iraq. Cristina is upset of course and rightfully walks away, leaving Hunt to go back to work, which then introduces us to some soldier who wants his leg cut off so he can get a prosthetic one and get back to war "where he's needed."

::white title screen:: (lol, reminds me of the Lost finale)

So Torres is pissed that Hunt knew about this crazy request. Go figure. But O'Malley offers some helpful advice. They decide to do an MRI but if the leg is healthy, Callie is not choppin it off. Meanwhile Bailey is approached by Arizona who's convinced she's working with a child that's gonna live instead of die like all the other ones so maybe Miranda wants in but the Chief steals her away to show her some crazy surgical machine that just about makes Bailey jizz in her pants.
McSteamy subtly asks Lil Grey if she wants to move in with him but she basically rejects him while Derek is there to see both, so he predictably lectures and ridicules Mark simultaneously.

We then cut to scene where Derek, Mer, Yang, Alex, and that horribly annoying Cancer doc (who was just as annoying in Set it Off) rally around Izz to discuss the next plan of action. So the surgery goes down like this: Derek wants to take out one of Izz's hippocampusus, es, s'? (btw, we have two?) but that could seriously compromise her memory and other important brain functions she needs. Naturally, everyone starts bickering about what she should do so she closes her eyes and drifts off to some Corona commercial... with Denny. (Goodness, can he just stay dead already?? I'd like to keep at least some fond memory of his stint on the show!) He compliments Izzie's ring which is now sparkly and full of carats. Izz plans on having 4 babies and discusses her ideal future with Alex while Denny aka her tumor / subconscious agrees with her about everything which causes her to question him er-- herself, i guess. [commerical]

And... we're back, walking down the hallway with Izz, Alex, Mer, and Yang. (if ur wondering y i use Yang instead of Cristina its only bc its faster to type) Izz apparently doesn't know what to do so she is asking her new bootylicious husband. He tries to explain its his job to support whatever she decides and since she doesnt know what to decide, Izz wants a vote. Hey, where's BFF George? i'd think his vote matters, no? Either way, I think we're supposed to believe that this is a bad idea because clearly, not everyone will have the same opinion. Alex says Izz doesn't have to decide right now but she walks away saying she doesnt have time. So Alex looks to his best man (Mer) and all she can muster is a look of "fuck, that sucks."

Back to the POWs with issues. Seems former POW Hunt has quite a good rep from being in Iraq and he tries to be modest with the soldier who wants to cut off his own leg. Soldier asks if Hunt believes he will be able to return to the war, which triggers good ole Georgie to ask why the crap does he even want to go back? The soldier asks George if he has family who doesnt understand him. Uhh, duh Soldier! As a matter of fact I do! says George. To which Soldier explains that he has his brothers here at home and then his "real" brothers in Iraq. The homies that have apparently been with him through thick and thin and bombs and bullets etc. I'll take that as a BURN to ur blood related fams, bro.

Cut back to Yang & Dr. Snappy (Izzie's Cancer Doc) who does a quick presentation of why Izzie should wait out her other options before letting Derek cut up her brain. This involves some brain scans and something about the "mets" being gone after weeks of treatment. I'm not a doctor so i have no effin clue if that's even what they're called. But i know these things are bad. So bad being gone, is good! We get a brief cut to Bailey and the Chief playing with their new toys and it's clear that the Chief is trying to get back his prodigy from the pediactrix dept. Back to Yang and Mer and Mer isn't as impressed with Dr. Snappy's brain scan presentation. But they're interrupted by Derek and its up to Radiology where Mer and Izz will play a game of picture cards while Derek puts the right side of Izz's brain to sleep. The first card is a rather ugly black dog with a red ribbon. Next its the Oceanic Flight 815 before it crash landed on the island of death. 3rd card is... a 2-story Victorian house. Heh, I totally though Wuthering Hghts too, Izz! So now comes the hard part. Half Brain sleeps and can we continue to say, "Dog Plane House" over and over again? Mer shows the cards, doesnt work. Who am I? Doesnt work. Who's Alex Karev, do you know who Alex Karev is? and all Izz can do is look scared and not speak. Game over. [commercial]

Back from a Suave commercial and I guess were doing the "what should I do" dance again? Based on the results from picture card test, Dr. Snappy strongly doesn't recommend the brain cutting procedure. Derek explains the test is a worst case scenario that may not have anything to do with the actual surgery but-- it's Izzie's choice. She asks Alex what he thinks and Alex replies "i think he was talking to you." Derek wants to give them time to think about it and Alex, despite Izzie wanting to talk with him more, goes off to ask Derek some questions. Mer immediately closes the door and announces that Izzie IS NOT doing the surgery. And at the same exact time Alex is asking Derek what he would do if it was Mer dying. Of course our McDreamy who is still a recently recovered God complex doctor, is gonna go with the answer: "id ask her to do the surgery." Meanwhile, Mer is telling Izz that she couldnt remember anything and that Dr. Snappy has a patient whose treatment seems to be working. Izz goes to see this girl and she ALSO agrees Izz shouldnt do the surgery.

Back to POW who wants 2b without a limb. Torres tries to scare him into changing his mind but our POW isn't backing down. Apparently he's seen a lot of nasty things in Iraq and he wants to go back to see more with his "real" family. Hmm.. is his obsession with war comradery like a reflection of the "crazy" Owen has been channeling?? Real clever, show. You even got the POW to exert the same annoying attitude. I call Owen stopping the leg cut before it goes down.

Somewhere out in the hallway, Bailey and the Chief are taking a break from their playtime with the Da Vinci surgical machine and run into Arizona. After Bailey leaves to go to lunch, Arizona starts crying because she's mad at the Chief, who's her boss, who's acting like a big effin baby by immaturely trying to steal Bailey with robots.

Back to Seattle Grace's #1 Cancer Patient who's discussing her new I02? schedule when bootylicious hubby comes in and is clearly unaware that his beloved has decided to opt OUT of the surgery. Uh oh... Hubby aint happy. and he basically starts goin postal all the while telling Izz that she IS taking the surgery because its not just her life but his life too! Fickle lil bootylicious bitch, isnt he?! [commercial]

I guess the yelling syndrome is in town because Derek is now screaming at Yang for telling Izzie what to do... until Mer comes in and oops! it wasnt Yang! it was my crazy fiance who went behind my back. Yang leaves, but not before checking to see if an apology was coming her way, hee. Derek, being the killjoy that he is, gives her the "im the greatest brain surgeon in the world and im mad" look. He then starts ordering Mer to do his bidding and convince Izzie to do the surgery bc this tumor will kill her.

Yang runs into Owen who wants a quick consult, which to me, naturally sounds like a pick-up line from watching this show. AND i was right. Their consult is in a closet somewhere and Owen announces that he is going back to Iraq because his leaving prematurely is the reason he cannot face his mom, move forward with Yang, et cetera. She quickly decides she needs to be elsewhere and he tries to stop her by saying he needs her support. But she finishes up things by saying that he doesn't have it. Ouch.

The POW is on the loose but he's actually out to apologize to Torres and O'Malley and asks wouldnt they do everything they could do, to be a doctor if they couldnt be anymore? Cut to Izzie and the problematic procedure that's gotten her in a fight with new hubby. Her cancer friend says Alex will come around and that fighting is a good thing because it leads to great make-up sex. Good to know cancer victims still get randy. Then again, this IS Grey's Anatomy.

Meanwhile, Mer is buggin Yang about talking to Izzie and confesses Derek has a right to be mad because she wasn't acting like a doctor but instead like a crazy, emo friend who straight up told Izz she'd do the surgery over her dead body. Good one, Mer. BEEEP BEEEP... Pager goes off and is it Izzie? No! It's her friend who was just having a cute conversation about make-up sex. Looks like she's coding... [commercial]

We come back, but not to a Cancer patient and instead the POW. Torres asks one more time why she's doing this and while Owen tries to illuminate the possibilities of being a soldier saving lives, George breaks it down by saying, "it's what he wants." Wow... go Georgie! Torres still feels uneasy but the mini electric chainsaw starts cutting. And from one bloody surgical screen to another... Yang and Schwinder! (thats her name! formerly Dr. Snappy) are trying to save Izzie's friend. Apparently the I02 or Il2? treatments are toxins used to kill the cancer but sometimes, it kills the patient. Schwinder gets snappy with Yang and tells her that this treatment has kept Alison (Izzie's friend) alive for longer than her expected 3 months and she's not about to give up on her or the treatments just yet.

Cut to Mark who's gonna try this "will u move in with me?" thing one more time. But when the talk with Lil Grey finds its way to the topic of marriage, they both bolt. Good, coz i could really care less despite Mark's cuteness. Bailey and the Chief finish another session of what would translate as medical World of Warcraft and Arizona tries to put on her game face by telling Bailey that her surviving kid is a great example of joy that makes up for the dying ones. Yeah... so over that story....

Izzie visits Alison (cancer friend who coded) only to find Schwinder and Yang telling her family that she will forever be on a ventilator because she can no longer breathe on her own, which i think translates to REALLY NOT GOOD. Yang gives Izz the look and she hallucinates back to Denny and the beach. But we're saved from this cheap illusion by BFF George who finally shows up and Izz asks him to tell her what to do. George replies that she knows what to do. She's just goin back and forth because she's scared. In the end, she's already made her decision. (this must be how i feel when i ponder going to class or not when i know ive already decided i dont wanna go). the BFFs have a sweet moment and i remember this really could be their last season together. ::sniffle::

Later Izz and Mer walk into Derek's office or room he's currently vacating to do paperwork in, to tell him she wants the surgery. BUT! she doesn't want to end up a veggie. Mer tries to tell her that this wont happen, but Izz cuts her off by being firm and announcing that if anything goes wrong, she doesn't want to end up on a ventilator. So, she's gonna sign a DNR. and much to my surprise, i actually knew that DNR means: Do Not Rescusitate! (i totally spelled that wrong tho huh?) [commercial]

Rolling down the hallway is Izzie and trailing along is Alex (oddly not as pissed as before and therefore much more believable and convincing) pleading for her to rip up the DNR. He asks her if she wants him to go crazy like she did with Denny. Does he want her to start cutting LVAD? LVATs? if things go awry? He's near tears and (so am I) when she looks into his eyes and explains that what she sees right now are sandy beaches and ghosts and that she cannot live like this anymore. She doesn't want to. If things do go shitty, she wants Alex to have a wonderful career and he will have to let her go, but not before giving her a big kiss. ::tear::

Mer says out loud that she always thought it would be her... getting Alzhaimers and turning out like her mother and forgetting everyone (wow, she never really stops thinking the world revolves around her, does she?) And in an effort to take the spotlight even more, she tells Derek they have to get married tomorrow bc she cant stand another second not being married to him.

Outside the hospital Owen sits with Yang who is pondering how being even THE best surgeon possible doesn't guarantee ur patient wont die. And she adds that she doesn't want him dying either. Inside, Bailey walks into a room of very gloomy ppl: Schwinder, who's miracle case is on life support and Torres, who cut off a healthy limb. They hate the job and wonder why they do it at all. Bailey tells them to get off their asses and I think she's gonna take them to the Peds dept where all the "Joy" is. And I am 2 for 3!

The music starts up and Mer begins her voiceover. Owen and Yang are parked out front and at some recruiting office a soldier announces there's one more and he's a doctor. (That is soooo gonna be George.) Owen knocks on a door and his mom answers with shock and a big hug. A clipboard is signed and a military official welcomes... George! to the army.

Hmm.. I guess all the drama and heavy stuff is in part 2 of the finale? Coz i'm feeling ok right about now and i'm usually sobbing by the credits. On to the Part Deux!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gossip Girl Goes to College - Season Finale Commentary

ok, since watching and blogging about OTH made me late to class... I can do the same for my real love GG!

We start with images of graduation, pomp and circumstance. oh the Irony....
Cut to scene of S and B sitting at a table near another table with a girl comparing S to her recent mugshot. Brief banter about Gossip Girl and how she first blast S in 9th grade and that her terrorizing blogs end after high school. Really? [Damn, is there like an application for being a GG after high school, maybe even after college, and into the twentysomething years of our lives? coz i know someone who'd be great at finding dirt on ppl we know::wink::wink:: ]

But on to the more important matter of Chuck's alleged "i love her" confession to S about B. Is this it ppl? Are we finally gonna get to see the ultimate Blair and Chuck union?! I'm already peeing in my pants. Our fabulous girls run off into their limo when S tells B that she hasnt exactly told Chuck that B and Nate broke up. After duckin out in an attempt to pass the paparazzi and B takes a few cute photos, hee... we cut to see Nate talkin to his good ole controlling grand-dad and V with her loyal camcorder. She gets a smile from grandpa before not hesitating to ask Nate about his life, graduation, and duh! is he still with B? coz i'm so lame I keep letting you play me like a pinball!

After he tells her that its over with Blair, he apologizes yet again... and all seems buddy buddy between the two much to V's disappointment. Nate invites her to his party [btw my grad party will so kick ass] and Dan enters the scene. Immediately, i dont care so much and neither does the camera man because we move on to scene with Little J and Eric celebrating the graduation of mean girls in high school. Uh...duh! like that never ends! no matter what generation ur in, little J! And so I am validated by the mean girls themselves notifying Jenny that the new Queen B will be dubbed at Nate's party. Whoever has the biggest dirt on someone wins! fun, right?! B makes a short appearance to tell them all she chooses the next Queen and to tell Penelope that the scarf she's wearing can be seen from space. oh B, i highly doubt that. those space boys can't see the scarf bc they're blinded by its ugliness. lastly we meet Lil J's competition... some transfer student or incoming freshmeat, i dunno...she looks like an elf next to Lil J who i just remembered is a model thus explaining her towering height in this scene. anyhoo, the newbie is annoying and appears to bother Lil J as well as she claims, "the monarchy ends tonight." oooOoh... how foreboding....

Cut to Dan ::yawn:: and S approaching would be step-bro. He's sad bc apparently, like the rest of the viewers of GG, the graduation board forgot to include his name on the list of graduates. Guy just can't cut a break, huh? S laughs, and so do we. Enter B and the most cheesy transition music in the background to introduce her giddy, yet nervous, yet curious approach to Chuck. She smiles, he smiles, they exchange how are you banter and then... she fails to tell him her and Nate broke up... oh you two!! get it over with already!! but even i, am as giddy, and nervous, and curious to how it'll all go down.

The head teachers/principals gather the children and separate the boys from girls. Cute. Cut to scene of Eric & Lily and much to Rufus' disappointment their seats were reserved next to each other. B's mom and stepdad sit behind them and comment on how great a couple Rufus and Lily make. So much that they should "take the plunge" and get married. Rufus tries to sugarcoat the fact their no longer a couple and Lily just puts it out there. Hee.. nothing like a good ole bicker before the grads come out.

And so they do, and the marching band somewhere begins to play... after they take their seats, the first public speaker starts their speech and B tells S that she chickened out with Chuck. But S assures her that its all good bc graduation is the marking of all things new... B agrees and beamfully adds that this is "their moment. no one can take it away from them..."

Ring Ring! Beep Beep! all the cell phones go off. [damn if only my graduation ceremony would be this exciting!] GG says... Not so fast and deliciously labels our main characters with diplomas of their own. Nate: Whore. Dan: Insider. Chuck: Coward. Blair: Weakling. Serena: Irrelevant. Me: Fuckin Loving This Moment.

The announcer tells the grads to rise but apparently the last blast has somewhat paralyzed them. Even one of the headmasters has his phone out. Hee. But S is pissed and announces that B is right. No one CAN take this moment from them and thus, GG is goin down!!! [commercial]

And we're back. S is tryin to recruit some soldiers for the battle with GG but the mean girls are too scared to meddle with things for once. Nate decides to do some "damage control" just in case. of what? i dunno. S asks B and Chuck about their views since GG prolly has the most dirt on them because of all the secrets they keep. and like clockwork, B will gather intel, Chuck will run stats. Oh they are sooo cute!

Cut to Lily pondering where it all went wrong and Rufus walks in to answer her. Since she tried to give him money without him knowing or approving, he isn't sure if he wants to marry her. Hmm... she sounds like a keeper to me Rufus. WTF are u thinking!? Then we cut to Nate and Grandpa and discover the damage control he needed to address. He confesses that last summer he slept with an older woman who was married and paid him. Grand dad says he'll protect Nate but hope it doesnt get out. Coz u know, that'd make Nate a total politician and all. Chuck comes around the corner to ask Nate where his girlfriend is and Nate's all "u dont know?" and proceeds to tell Chuck that he and B are donzo.

Back to Dan and V hangin out by the punchbowl. S joins them and asks whats up with the label "insider" for Dan and i find myself pondering the same thing coz like all things related to him I've forgotten. V for some odd reason drifts away to let Dan slip about how high school is over and so is prolly every connection he has to the wonderful world of the upper east side. Oh Dan, ur such a killjoy. S has nothing else to do but wish him a good life and walk away. Cue V like the sad, stray puppy that she is to return and the two decide the partys no fun so let's just go home. Losers!

In direct contrast is our fabulous four who are sitting together in the stairway playing detective. With a few rather obvious observations, they come to the conclusion that GG must be a graduating senior from Constance. Herego, the nervous look about the room. (come on guys! its so obvious that GG is not in the room and is prolly Georgina, V, or that girl B babysitted in a past episode!! Actually, it's Veronica Mars but that's besides the point.) S comes up with a brilliant plan to speed things up and decides to send GG a message. Chuck quiets down the room in order to hear GG's phone ring if she is indeed in the room. All systems go and GG turns out to be.....

Jonathan?! wait, who!?! oh yeah, Eric's boyfriend. Wait, huh!? Really?! yeah... no, its not. Really. it appears that Jonathan actually just hacked into her server last season or summer ago and informs S that she seems to wait till the last possible moment to send out a blast on our main characters. S borrows Jonathan while Lil J is fishing through all the leads GG doesnt post and shows Eric one that might be the winner to beat newbie and thus, abolish the monarchy. But Eric has a deeply oh shit, no way reaction that tells me whatever it is, its juicy and will therefore come out no matter what. Sweet.

Back at casa de Humphrey, Dan being the loser that he is tells Rufus that he and Vanessa are gonna catch a movie instead of go to Nate's party. Rufus basically tells him he's an idiot and so Dan takes his dad's advice and scurries away. Rufus dials Lily's number only to hear her phone ringing in the hallway as she walks in with a six pack and doobie bag in hand. Rufus asks whats in the bag and Lily answers, "something i found in Chucks room," to which Rufus replies, "then it must be good." Why can't Dan be more like his dad!?!

A brief moment with B and her mom takes place in which the fashionable mama waldorf tells B not to let Chuck run away again when she sees him tonight. So cute. I love what Cyrus has done for their relationship.

and now its PARTY TIME. nice moves, Nelly Yuki....aka: Drunkie who is about to tell Dan shes madly in love with him before seeing S from afar and chickening out. lol... why does that crush actually make sense to me?! but more important things are happening...

In walks our dapper leading bad boy, Chuck. Always with that handsome sinister look. From some other door in the room, in walks our heroine only to be stopped by Lil J who brings bad news. GG knows about New Years. oh god, is this goin back to that thing with Uncle Bass? Lil J wants to warn B that the mean girls will crown whoever has the juiciest gossip next Queen. B dismisses her and tells her she was a complete waste of time from the very beginning. Not wise...B!!! Since as soon as B leaves, Lil J approaches the mean girls and asks to see their leader. Her gossip just cant wait.

And in a private room our two doomed? lovers play a little game of striptease. oh god, this must be the kinky calm before the storm right?! After a game of "how do you like my dress?" let me take it off and "how do u like me now?" even I am yelling "i fucking admire, adore, love it!" More moments of yearning and anticipation follow at which point I'm about to call my boyfriend just to get the edge off. But then comes the million dollar question: "how do you feel about me?" --asks B to a hypnotized Chuck. He opens his mouth slightly and I'm ready to jump in myself as B whispers, "say it." Chuck opens his mouth again and this time he manages to utter the word "I" when Ring Ring!! its the damn phone again!! [someone really needs to put that shit on vibrate.] Its GG... and she's more than a lil perturbed that S tried to figure out her identity. As a big F U, she decides to post every blast shes got. and out comes all of the skeletons in everyone's penthouse closet. Dan slept with the teacher, someone's Bro has been in jail, B slept with Uncle Jack, and Chuck slept with Vanessa! Damn GG, u are working OT today! [commercial]

We return to another room full of shock with our power couple in the spotlight. To make a long and petty argument short, Chuck, B, S, Nate, Dan, anyone i havent missed... bicker about all the recent news. Chuck and B blame S's decision to declare war on GG as the reason for all this madness. Nate and Dan come to her defense at which point B observes Dan's Insider label is the only one that sticks. He's been connected to everything and must somehow be leakin out all this personal info. She then leaves to find Chuck.

Back in that striptease room, B goes on the offensive and even tho Chuck tells her to leave him alone, she's not budging. She explains that they're doing the same thing they always do, make excuses. She also points out that Chuck told S he loves B and last year he told Nate the same thing. So why the hell is he not telling B!?! She pushes a little bit more by asking if GG is right about him being a coward. He takes the bait and declares she knows thats not true. But B explains that GG can be right about Chuck and it wouldnt matter bc one thing GG isn't goin to be right about is her label for B. Ummm hmmmm... Get em girl! That's right. B isn't gonna be weak anymore. She's gonna tell Chuck she loves him and this time, he aint goin nowhere. He has to hear it.

But much to B's dismay, Chuck explains that maybe all the lies, gossip, and hurt was all for something before but that it isn't anymore. Somewhere the sound of my heart breaking is loud and defeaning to the core. DAMMIT CHUCK. ur supposed to take her in ur arms and do the nasty!!!

::sigh:: He then walks away leaving poor B brokenhearted and crying again while I'm sobbing and yelling at Chuck. Thank goodness we cut to Lily and Rufus apparently feeling the love from beer and weed because they're all zen talking about their stubborness and lack of just goin with the flow. So Rufus takes a neon yellow concert bracelet and proposes to Lily. She says yes, and its actually very cute had not the scene before it made me bitter and sad.

Back at the party that just keeps giving, S is still upset while Nate tries to tell her this will all blow over. She sends GG a text to meet her at the Oak Room or she'll spill on GG's true identity. Nate asks if this is even true, that she knows who GG is, S replies no, but she doesnt know that. Really S? u dont wanna give GG a little credit?! Way in over ur head so far sweetie.

Meanwhile, in a bathroom B comes upon Lil J and what I think is gonna be a serious beatdown actually turns out to be a touching moment between the two. B tells Lil J that shes just been rejected again by Chuck and that she should use this info to get Queen status. But Lil J says she doesnt want to use that info and that she doesn't even want to be Queen. Instead she wants to have fun in high school. B then talks about Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth and I'm totally psyched by that reference to really understand the connection. B then tells Lil J that for what it's worth, Lil J is her Queen, or at least her choice for Queen. Just when u think these two are gonna hug... u guessed it! the damn phone again! But wait! This time we dont get to find out who or what it is. Because we cut to S and Nate at the Oak Room where GG is so far a no-show. Dan walks in and we find out its because he Loopt S. Say it with me... HUH? uh ok, u couldnt just call her? Weeak... Loopt reference. Anyhoo, Dan asks why the big deal with the war against GG and S admits its all because she doesnt wanna be irrelevant. ::sigh:: do you SEE why these two make me yawn?! especially when they play off each other! Thankfully we're interrupted by Blair, then Lil J, then the mean girls and Eric and Jonathan. Looks like GG one uped u again S! and sure enough! the phones start goin off!

GG playfully texts that since they wanted to meet GG sooo much, now they have. Bc in truth, she would be nothing without all of them. Now that all her secrets are out... they all have a clean slate... that is until college bc apparently she is a graduating senior and goin with them. Cute. Sort of a copout, but cute.

B apologizes to S about earlier's accusations and the two make up. S asks where Chuck is and B replies that its all over. S says that still its weird not to have him around when everyone else is. B looks out the window to see Chuck... walking away.... again. ::angry face::

and after "One Week Later..."

* Lily and Rufus are admiring the real ring and not the concert bracelet
* Eric and Lil J are unpacking a.. pancake maker?
* Lil J has plans to meet with B
* S is goin to Europe again before heading to Brown
* B is goin to ponder the failure of her life
* Dan and V are somewhere i dont really care about until Nate shows up, announces the mayor made a pass at him, and so he would now rather go backpacking with V. Just as friends though unless they get too drunk in Vienna one night. hmm.. sounds like fun! maybe he'll leave u after u guys get back this time.
* some weird guy named Scott seems to be checking out Dan and not in a Perez Hilton kinda way... could this be the long lost bro?
*B and Lil J arrive at a fancy restaurant just in time to snatch the official Queen headband and declare Lil J ruler of all mean girls. her first order of business: eliminate headbands. Hee.
*back to weird new guy who calls his mom and lies to her about being in portland. ah yes, it is the long lost son in search of his biological parents dare i say, super rich parents now.
*Dan gets a call from Georgina! who notifies him his money is back and he can go to Yale. But he says hes already goin to NYU and she says... great, I'll see u next year. NICE.
*back to G and we find out what she's really up to. She has requested to room with B, prolly to ruin her life. Yikes!
*S is about to go places when Carter shows up saying he's found what she was lookin for in Santorini. and apparently that thing is... her dad! Waaahhh? I thought he was dead?

Cut to our last scene. [thanks for this GG producers] B is walking through town and is surprised to discover Chuck, gifts and flowers and all waiting for her. He explains he was all over Europe picking up a few of her favorite things. He WAS being a coward and everywhere he ran, she somehow caught up with him so he had to come back. THIS IS THE MOMENT B IS SUPPOSED TO SAY.... Great! Lets be together!! but does she do this?!?! NO! UGH, just stab me in the brains next time so i dont have to go thru this pain anymore!!!! She tells him she wants to believe him but he's burned her so badly before that she cant. [i dont blame u girl but damn! he got u mackaroons from France!]

But he assures her that she CAN believe him this time when he says he wants to be with her. She coyly asks, "thats it?" and he smiles and i melt, and somewhere the marching band is back and he finally says it... 3 words, 8 letters, and we're both yours... "i love you too" ok so its more than 3 words, 8 letters but its even BETTER! the birds sing, the sun shines, the light comes down from the heavens. oh thank god!!! i can finally shed tears of HAPPINESS! and as my favorite couple kiss in between i love yous i get the sudden urge to kiss my own boyfriend who's fallen asleep bc I took so long in finishing up this season finale recap. ok kiddies... til next season.


Peyton dies! jk....OTH Finale Commentary

Yeah, yeah its been awhile, so sue me. I was trying to graduate from college.

Anyway, due to a rather hilarious intro of OTH's season finale episode, I just HAD to post an episode commentary, even tho this will prolly delay my viewing and making it to my next class.

We begin by some rather odd, dreary music (like whats new for OTH, right?) and cut to scene of Lucas and his famously pained face taking poor, bloody, my life is so horrible and did u know my moms died of cancer?- Petyon. (yes, already, I'm finding this silly little show wildly overdramatic).

There's a quick montage that shows me Julian is still on a quest to win Brooke's heart, Brooke's mom is still being a bitch, and was that a liquor bottle Nathan!? Shame on you!

Miraculously, or due to wonderful TV editing, all the important characters appear next to Lucas in the room that overlooks the operating room. (gosh, and here i thought those rooms were only accessed by medical officials on Greys and House). Anyhoo, we get a shot of Peyton's pale and realistically chubby face for someone who got pregnant real fast over the course of a season and then a shot of a fat needle and crazy looking Krevorkian doctors. (dont judge me i cant spell that docs name for a minute!) and then.... DARKNESS.

...interrupted by the cackling sound of a baby crying his ass off. (hmm... someone takes after its mother, much?) Lucas comes in and picks up the rugrat assuring it that "daddy's here."

to which the baby responds, "where is my annoying mom?"

Cut to scene of root beer floats and Peyton sleeping? in a coma? dreaming about an alternate life with Jake? BTW, its a GIRL! and yeah, i'm so over Lucas and his sad face.

Moving on, we find B. Davis fashionably worn out sitting outside the hospital and then nerdy, god help him-he just cant seem to win her heart or our loyalty, for that matter- Julian walks towards her. After a lame attempt to tell her she needs to go home and sleep, he rather smugly points out that he knew she'd refuse and so he took the liberty of buying a bagload of fashion magazines to keep her on point with work. From one boring couplet to another, we cut to Mia and Stephen, err--- crap whats his name on the show? Chase! (oh Kate Voegele... bless ur heart coz i think you're a talented songwriter but really, isnt your lil stint on the show kinda over?? You too, Beach Boy. ur not nearly as cute as when u dated LC & Kristen at the same time!)

Back in the hospital again with Lucas and crap, is this going to be 75% of the show tonight coz even my sense of humor will thin out... Lucas: "I'm getting a little mad here." Everyone say it with me, "Yes, Mark Schwann, we are too!"

Poor rugrat doesnt have a name yet and Lucas begins to break down for the 506th time on this series and then, "Sawyer, her name is Sawyer."

WTF!!! ok first of all, let me remind u that Jamie's name is James Lucas James Scott. I was willing to forgive that bc I love Naley and their genius child. But Sawyer Sawyer Scott?!?!!? Can't u ppl fuckin think of new names!? Lemme buy you a fuckin book at Borders! ARGHGHGHGH..!
and to top it off Peyton is officially conscious. Brooke comes in and were reminded of what could have been... that Brooke would have rightfully disowned Peyton had she died and let a Brucas reunion arise. So we bring in the rugrat tragically named after her mother's maiden name and the whole gang is there to witness the happy family. OMG, is this really the first commercial!?

and were back and Brooke is sad bc Sam sends a postcard with a mere "wish you were here" to solidify her happy state with biological mom. Julian is there and so... u can guess where this angst is goin. Oh yes, to the bedroom! after a hot and heavy makeout session, Julian mentions that he loves Brooke and she says, "shut up, and just fuck me dammit!" ok maybe not in those words, but he takes it anyway and starts boning her.

Did I mention Karen's back!? She's cool. You know who isn't? Mouth and Millie. Where were they during the hospital fiasco? apparently not important enough to get a call. So why do we care she's gonna tell Brooke that she wants to stay in Tree Hill? No fuckin clue.

Karen and Lucas reminisce about kicking it on the porch of their home, oh the yesteryears of when OTH was actually good. Cut to Nathan finding all his shit is gone from the Chiefs locker room... Oh dear, could this mean, he fucked himself over for missing practice. I personally call bullshit! he's gonna play for the Lakers! Fuck Nino and his Clippers contract! ::10 sec later:: I knew it! ok, i thought Lakers not Charlotte Bobcats but hey, our man is FINALLY in the mutha efffin NBA! =) oh, the happiness that i feel from this Naley family. Commercial...

Uh oh, Dan! and oh my whipper snappers its WHITEY!!! way to pull out all the stops OTH! They're in his lil cabin and guns loaded have a deep conversation about Dan's bball game way way back in time. Whitey announces that Dan always had a "heart problem." Hee. Dan wishes he could take everything back and that he's sorry, sorry, sorry. Sounds like a dead man walking...but uh, we dont care, do we?

Brief glimpse of Brooke...without Julian on the phone with Sam, then the announcement of Nathan's NBA acceptance before back to Dan and Whitey in which we hear more sorries and regret from Dan but luckily this time he sums it up by grabbing the gun, jumping at Whitey, requesting to get shot! to end the pain! But our trusted, moral compass-y Whitey instead gives him a big bear hug and says, maybe he's still alive for redemption. As if that noble, but otherwise lame advice isn't enough, Dan gets a slap in the face when Nathan appears to visit Whitey and tell him that he's made it to the NBA. Sucks to be u Dan.

I'm already late for class so I'm gonna have to sum this shit up. Mia and Chase have another awkwardly forced moment, Brooke lets Millie stay in Tree Hill, and then Dan visits Peyton and asks to hold the rugrat. She lets him with much hesitation and i laughed after a brief reference to Where the Wild Things Are and Peyton nearly snatches back Sawyer. (god, why that name?!) Dan then takes his cue only to run into Lucas and Karen-- oh yeah the family he abandoned! on the sidewalk. After they hurriedly pass him, we see Mia, Chase, Millie, and Mouth all cuddling. No not altogether perv! and Lucas pulls up in front of the house with the new, shiny Comet and all seems so Zen about tonights episode, right? I'm just waiting for crazy bitch Nanny to jump out and kill someone.

Cut to Brooke and EvilMom working at the the shop and EvilMom asks about Julian. Brooke is at a loss for words before saying that he's the kind of man that's gone. Then a nice homage to Q as Nathan visits his grave to tell him it really is "a comeback." Aww.. ::Tear::

Back from prolly the last commercial and we find out that the rugrats name is Sawyer Brooke Sawyer Scott. hmmm.... why not add Karen!? Nathan!? Haley?! Q?! I'm sending Mark Schwann the baby name book, I'm ordering it on Amazon as we speak.

Back to EvilMom and Brooke and I'm afraid the angst of the show has finally broke Evil Victoria since she confesses to once upon a time being in love. and that Brooke must go to LA and tell Julian she loves him because thats "all that matters." In an attempt to make girls cry, she adds that she has given Brooke all shares of the company and that it was a mistake to love the company more than her daughter. And so she exposes a soul somewhere in that Prada suit. Who knew? And so Brooke gives Victoria her job back and the title of "mom." Ok, i did shed a tear or two! I admit it!

And in true OTH fashion, we end with a cool montage and mix of voiceovers. Take a look in the mirror and who do you see? well quite frankly, right now if i looked in the mirror i'd think damn, i really shouldnt have eaten those hot cheetoes and cream cheese. We find that Dan is still sulking somewhere, Mouth loves his gf and his job, and that Mia and Chase just had 45 sec of heaven, or 30 sec of amateur tip-insertion, or whatever. Nathan gets his first ever NBA lineup intro. Gosh, i wonder how the producers managed that. [Gets me excited for the playoffs. Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 1 bay-beh bay-beh!!! Holla.] I digress, back to Julian in a rather over arranged movie set. They're about to run a scene when much to his surprise Brooke turns out to be the leading lady. And even if i think Julian is somewhat of a douche, the effort of the whole thing is at least turning out to be cute or quaint or adorable. Sure, as adorable as a rugrat named Sawyer Brooke Sawyer Scott.

Julian tells Brooke that if this were a movie... I'd want my money back. err-- that she would kiss him right about now. to which she replies: No, dumbass, i tell u i love u first which is what uve been asking for and THEN id kiss u because apparently the producers cant find me a better love interest than Peyton's sloppy seconds!!

....Blah blah blah....more voiceovers and what is this deal about "Dreams come true everyday." Did i miss something here? Is this the final season coz i'm not buying all this everything is perfect crap. Where is the crazy soap opera twist I know and love at the end of OTH finales!?!?
Oh man... this finale was a letdown. I missed Linguistics for this? Oh well, on to GG!