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Grey's Anatomy Finale Part 1 Commentarty

ok, i'm goin to brace myself since i've heard so much about this finale and how its supposed to "change my life" or "make me think."

We open with Mer & McDreamy and the morning after their 127th time of pre-marital sex. Yeah, they're STILL not married. But I kinda like them this way and he talks about a beach wedding where they can drink at the ceremony which is so much more them and me for that matter. Important thing here is that Derek has apparently figured out how to carve out Izzie's tumor.

Cut to the newlywed and her handsome love who is being introduced to some Cancer friends. Izzie shows off her ring (bejeweled, might i add) and Alex involuntarily shows his "quality bootie." Elsewhere, Yang and Hunt are discussing the fact he's still being a jerk by not telling his mother he's back from Iraq. Cristina is upset of course and rightfully walks away, leaving Hunt to go back to work, which then introduces us to some soldier who wants his leg cut off so he can get a prosthetic one and get back to war "where he's needed."

::white title screen:: (lol, reminds me of the Lost finale)

So Torres is pissed that Hunt knew about this crazy request. Go figure. But O'Malley offers some helpful advice. They decide to do an MRI but if the leg is healthy, Callie is not choppin it off. Meanwhile Bailey is approached by Arizona who's convinced she's working with a child that's gonna live instead of die like all the other ones so maybe Miranda wants in but the Chief steals her away to show her some crazy surgical machine that just about makes Bailey jizz in her pants.
McSteamy subtly asks Lil Grey if she wants to move in with him but she basically rejects him while Derek is there to see both, so he predictably lectures and ridicules Mark simultaneously.

We then cut to scene where Derek, Mer, Yang, Alex, and that horribly annoying Cancer doc (who was just as annoying in Set it Off) rally around Izz to discuss the next plan of action. So the surgery goes down like this: Derek wants to take out one of Izz's hippocampusus, es, s'? (btw, we have two?) but that could seriously compromise her memory and other important brain functions she needs. Naturally, everyone starts bickering about what she should do so she closes her eyes and drifts off to some Corona commercial... with Denny. (Goodness, can he just stay dead already?? I'd like to keep at least some fond memory of his stint on the show!) He compliments Izzie's ring which is now sparkly and full of carats. Izz plans on having 4 babies and discusses her ideal future with Alex while Denny aka her tumor / subconscious agrees with her about everything which causes her to question him er-- herself, i guess. [commerical]

And... we're back, walking down the hallway with Izz, Alex, Mer, and Yang. (if ur wondering y i use Yang instead of Cristina its only bc its faster to type) Izz apparently doesn't know what to do so she is asking her new bootylicious husband. He tries to explain its his job to support whatever she decides and since she doesnt know what to decide, Izz wants a vote. Hey, where's BFF George? i'd think his vote matters, no? Either way, I think we're supposed to believe that this is a bad idea because clearly, not everyone will have the same opinion. Alex says Izz doesn't have to decide right now but she walks away saying she doesnt have time. So Alex looks to his best man (Mer) and all she can muster is a look of "fuck, that sucks."

Back to the POWs with issues. Seems former POW Hunt has quite a good rep from being in Iraq and he tries to be modest with the soldier who wants to cut off his own leg. Soldier asks if Hunt believes he will be able to return to the war, which triggers good ole Georgie to ask why the crap does he even want to go back? The soldier asks George if he has family who doesnt understand him. Uhh, duh Soldier! As a matter of fact I do! says George. To which Soldier explains that he has his brothers here at home and then his "real" brothers in Iraq. The homies that have apparently been with him through thick and thin and bombs and bullets etc. I'll take that as a BURN to ur blood related fams, bro.

Cut back to Yang & Dr. Snappy (Izzie's Cancer Doc) who does a quick presentation of why Izzie should wait out her other options before letting Derek cut up her brain. This involves some brain scans and something about the "mets" being gone after weeks of treatment. I'm not a doctor so i have no effin clue if that's even what they're called. But i know these things are bad. So bad being gone, is good! We get a brief cut to Bailey and the Chief playing with their new toys and it's clear that the Chief is trying to get back his prodigy from the pediactrix dept. Back to Yang and Mer and Mer isn't as impressed with Dr. Snappy's brain scan presentation. But they're interrupted by Derek and its up to Radiology where Mer and Izz will play a game of picture cards while Derek puts the right side of Izz's brain to sleep. The first card is a rather ugly black dog with a red ribbon. Next its the Oceanic Flight 815 before it crash landed on the island of death. 3rd card is... a 2-story Victorian house. Heh, I totally though Wuthering Hghts too, Izz! So now comes the hard part. Half Brain sleeps and can we continue to say, "Dog Plane House" over and over again? Mer shows the cards, doesnt work. Who am I? Doesnt work. Who's Alex Karev, do you know who Alex Karev is? and all Izz can do is look scared and not speak. Game over. [commercial]

Back from a Suave commercial and I guess were doing the "what should I do" dance again? Based on the results from picture card test, Dr. Snappy strongly doesn't recommend the brain cutting procedure. Derek explains the test is a worst case scenario that may not have anything to do with the actual surgery but-- it's Izzie's choice. She asks Alex what he thinks and Alex replies "i think he was talking to you." Derek wants to give them time to think about it and Alex, despite Izzie wanting to talk with him more, goes off to ask Derek some questions. Mer immediately closes the door and announces that Izzie IS NOT doing the surgery. And at the same exact time Alex is asking Derek what he would do if it was Mer dying. Of course our McDreamy who is still a recently recovered God complex doctor, is gonna go with the answer: "id ask her to do the surgery." Meanwhile, Mer is telling Izz that she couldnt remember anything and that Dr. Snappy has a patient whose treatment seems to be working. Izz goes to see this girl and she ALSO agrees Izz shouldnt do the surgery.

Back to POW who wants 2b without a limb. Torres tries to scare him into changing his mind but our POW isn't backing down. Apparently he's seen a lot of nasty things in Iraq and he wants to go back to see more with his "real" family. Hmm.. is his obsession with war comradery like a reflection of the "crazy" Owen has been channeling?? Real clever, show. You even got the POW to exert the same annoying attitude. I call Owen stopping the leg cut before it goes down.

Somewhere out in the hallway, Bailey and the Chief are taking a break from their playtime with the Da Vinci surgical machine and run into Arizona. After Bailey leaves to go to lunch, Arizona starts crying because she's mad at the Chief, who's her boss, who's acting like a big effin baby by immaturely trying to steal Bailey with robots.

Back to Seattle Grace's #1 Cancer Patient who's discussing her new I02? schedule when bootylicious hubby comes in and is clearly unaware that his beloved has decided to opt OUT of the surgery. Uh oh... Hubby aint happy. and he basically starts goin postal all the while telling Izz that she IS taking the surgery because its not just her life but his life too! Fickle lil bootylicious bitch, isnt he?! [commercial]

I guess the yelling syndrome is in town because Derek is now screaming at Yang for telling Izzie what to do... until Mer comes in and oops! it wasnt Yang! it was my crazy fiance who went behind my back. Yang leaves, but not before checking to see if an apology was coming her way, hee. Derek, being the killjoy that he is, gives her the "im the greatest brain surgeon in the world and im mad" look. He then starts ordering Mer to do his bidding and convince Izzie to do the surgery bc this tumor will kill her.

Yang runs into Owen who wants a quick consult, which to me, naturally sounds like a pick-up line from watching this show. AND i was right. Their consult is in a closet somewhere and Owen announces that he is going back to Iraq because his leaving prematurely is the reason he cannot face his mom, move forward with Yang, et cetera. She quickly decides she needs to be elsewhere and he tries to stop her by saying he needs her support. But she finishes up things by saying that he doesn't have it. Ouch.

The POW is on the loose but he's actually out to apologize to Torres and O'Malley and asks wouldnt they do everything they could do, to be a doctor if they couldnt be anymore? Cut to Izzie and the problematic procedure that's gotten her in a fight with new hubby. Her cancer friend says Alex will come around and that fighting is a good thing because it leads to great make-up sex. Good to know cancer victims still get randy. Then again, this IS Grey's Anatomy.

Meanwhile, Mer is buggin Yang about talking to Izzie and confesses Derek has a right to be mad because she wasn't acting like a doctor but instead like a crazy, emo friend who straight up told Izz she'd do the surgery over her dead body. Good one, Mer. BEEEP BEEEP... Pager goes off and is it Izzie? No! It's her friend who was just having a cute conversation about make-up sex. Looks like she's coding... [commercial]

We come back, but not to a Cancer patient and instead the POW. Torres asks one more time why she's doing this and while Owen tries to illuminate the possibilities of being a soldier saving lives, George breaks it down by saying, "it's what he wants." Wow... go Georgie! Torres still feels uneasy but the mini electric chainsaw starts cutting. And from one bloody surgical screen to another... Yang and Schwinder! (thats her name! formerly Dr. Snappy) are trying to save Izzie's friend. Apparently the I02 or Il2? treatments are toxins used to kill the cancer but sometimes, it kills the patient. Schwinder gets snappy with Yang and tells her that this treatment has kept Alison (Izzie's friend) alive for longer than her expected 3 months and she's not about to give up on her or the treatments just yet.

Cut to Mark who's gonna try this "will u move in with me?" thing one more time. But when the talk with Lil Grey finds its way to the topic of marriage, they both bolt. Good, coz i could really care less despite Mark's cuteness. Bailey and the Chief finish another session of what would translate as medical World of Warcraft and Arizona tries to put on her game face by telling Bailey that her surviving kid is a great example of joy that makes up for the dying ones. Yeah... so over that story....

Izzie visits Alison (cancer friend who coded) only to find Schwinder and Yang telling her family that she will forever be on a ventilator because she can no longer breathe on her own, which i think translates to REALLY NOT GOOD. Yang gives Izz the look and she hallucinates back to Denny and the beach. But we're saved from this cheap illusion by BFF George who finally shows up and Izz asks him to tell her what to do. George replies that she knows what to do. She's just goin back and forth because she's scared. In the end, she's already made her decision. (this must be how i feel when i ponder going to class or not when i know ive already decided i dont wanna go). the BFFs have a sweet moment and i remember this really could be their last season together. ::sniffle::

Later Izz and Mer walk into Derek's office or room he's currently vacating to do paperwork in, to tell him she wants the surgery. BUT! she doesn't want to end up a veggie. Mer tries to tell her that this wont happen, but Izz cuts her off by being firm and announcing that if anything goes wrong, she doesn't want to end up on a ventilator. So, she's gonna sign a DNR. and much to my surprise, i actually knew that DNR means: Do Not Rescusitate! (i totally spelled that wrong tho huh?) [commercial]

Rolling down the hallway is Izzie and trailing along is Alex (oddly not as pissed as before and therefore much more believable and convincing) pleading for her to rip up the DNR. He asks her if she wants him to go crazy like she did with Denny. Does he want her to start cutting LVAD? LVATs? if things go awry? He's near tears and (so am I) when she looks into his eyes and explains that what she sees right now are sandy beaches and ghosts and that she cannot live like this anymore. She doesn't want to. If things do go shitty, she wants Alex to have a wonderful career and he will have to let her go, but not before giving her a big kiss. ::tear::

Mer says out loud that she always thought it would be her... getting Alzhaimers and turning out like her mother and forgetting everyone (wow, she never really stops thinking the world revolves around her, does she?) And in an effort to take the spotlight even more, she tells Derek they have to get married tomorrow bc she cant stand another second not being married to him.

Outside the hospital Owen sits with Yang who is pondering how being even THE best surgeon possible doesn't guarantee ur patient wont die. And she adds that she doesn't want him dying either. Inside, Bailey walks into a room of very gloomy ppl: Schwinder, who's miracle case is on life support and Torres, who cut off a healthy limb. They hate the job and wonder why they do it at all. Bailey tells them to get off their asses and I think she's gonna take them to the Peds dept where all the "Joy" is. And I am 2 for 3!

The music starts up and Mer begins her voiceover. Owen and Yang are parked out front and at some recruiting office a soldier announces there's one more and he's a doctor. (That is soooo gonna be George.) Owen knocks on a door and his mom answers with shock and a big hug. A clipboard is signed and a military official welcomes... George! to the army.

Hmm.. I guess all the drama and heavy stuff is in part 2 of the finale? Coz i'm feeling ok right about now and i'm usually sobbing by the credits. On to the Part Deux!

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