Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Afterthoughts: The END of an EPIC show.

As much as I dread attempting to put my thoughts into words about last night's epic finale, I know I would never forgive myself if I didn't at least try. So I'll do what I must, as I listen to this Lost-inspired playlist and stare at my empty Dharma water bottle. How to begin? Well... Lost has been a part of my life for 6 years and will go down as one of my top 5 TV shows of all time. Scratch that. Top 3. And here's why...


Looking back, the reason for my personal attachment to Lost was its ability to create believable and inspiring characters. With the exception of Kate (who I felt, eventually, found some purpose), I grew to care about these fictional strangers and their lives-- be it past, present, future, or sideways. Particularly, I grew to care about how they each connected with one another since they barely knew each other before landing on the island and yet by the end, they had endured *so* much, together. With that said, I feel that Lost has always been about the connections-- not the answers. At its core, Lost is a show about people rather than mythology; the sci-fi and mystery stuff was just an added bonus that we got used to because the writers were just that damn creative. But it was never the heart of the show. For me, the finale was beautifully filled with moments that did honor this tradition of character growth, community, and family. It conveyed a bittersweet and honest message:

There are some people we meet that will truly change the course of our lives. And it is these same people that join us when we leave. So that we can all move on... (to wherever)-- but together. In the end, they all fulfilled the idea of living together and NOT dying alone. Even poor Jack was joined by Vincent in that bamboo field so he wouldn't have to do it alone. And in the flash sideways, he was joined by all the people he had gotten to know and grown with for 6 years. Without sounding like too much of a nutcase, I can honestly say that in a similar way, I felt like I was in that church. Being reunited with all these characters that I had grown to love. Yes, even Kate. What a heart-tugging way to end it.

Still Feeling Lost...?

Now for those of you who are going crazy about the unanswered questions concerning Walt, Widmore, the Dharma Initiative, or the entire first half of Season 6... do yourself a favor and don't miss the grand scheme of things. The finale was meant to honor your emotional investment in these characters... not answer all your geeky questions. And while we're on that subject, do you really want all the answers? Don't you instead, revel in the fact that you'll still have something of Lost left to theorize about, debate about, and just plain think about? Lost, if anything, has given us such a wonderful opportunity to exercise our minds unlike any show that we sometimes forget how to just enjoy the story we are being told.

But seriously, of the questions that people bring up all the time (and annoys the freakin crap out of me), there are two that stand out that I want to address myself. 1) Why was Walt so special? 2) Why wasn't Mr. Eko, Michael, and Ana Lucia in the church? Ugh!! Come on people! Clearly, Walt wasn't THAT special! And I've seen him, he's all grown up! So who cares?! In fact, didn't we finish his story when Locke found him 8 ft tall, in school, and fine with the fact that his deadbeat traitor dad was dead? What more closure do we need? In my opinion, Walt was left to live the rest of his life out of all that Island drama because its not his fault his dad was an asshat and betrayed the other Losties. And let's not forget that TV has its limitations people! Why wasn't Mr. Eko, Michael, Ana Lucia, et al in the church reunion scene? Well gosh, it's not like we can bring everyone that's ever been on the show back for the finale. Not only is that fiscally impossible, but completely unnecessary. My take on that is only the people most closely connected to Jack and each other were in that church. It's no wonder Ben chose to stay outside. He was never part of that family unit to begin with. Ok, enough of that nonsense...


- ALL the flash sideways: especially Sawyer and Juliet! Claire and Charlie! Even Kate and Jack!

- Miles, Lapidus, and Richard getting off that damn island and living to see another day.

- Jin and Sun busting out with perfect English and surprising Juliet after seeing sonogram of Ji Yeon

- Hurley's obvious joy at seeing Charlie again and then shooting him with a tranquilizer

- Jack and MiBLocke's Western-style showdown

- Michael Giacchino's awesome score

- Target commercials: the Smokey/Smoke Alarm one was the best.

- Jimmy Kimmel's montage soundtracked to Debbie Gibson's "Lost in Your Eyes"

*** a special thanks to those special candidates that came out for the finale on Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the Dharma dranks and Wild Boar Adobo among other food & beverages. ***


Sunday, March 7, 2010

82nd Academy Awards Commentary

5:30 on the dot* We open with Best Actor & Actress Nominees. they're presented to us and then walk off the stage. that seemed totally unnecessary. but who cares?! coz.....

5:31 OMG its NPH!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH surprise musical number just made my day!!

5:34 Our hosts finally arrive via sky lift. They're a little awkward, a little slow on the punchlines, but completely endearing and successful.

5:37 Is it me or does Vera Farmiga look like she could pass for a vampire??

5:44 Penelope Cruz presents the first award, Best Supporting Actor. Its going to Christoph Waltz for Inglorious Basterds. Everyone knows this.

5:50 Ryan Reynolds. Mmmm.. Thank u, producers. He presents Best Picture Nominee #1, The Blind Side. I tear just watching clips of this movie. Total tearjerker.

5:55 Cameron Diaz (go LB Poly!) and Steve Carell present Best Animated Feature. This better go to UP. If uve never seen it, Go see it. the first part will have u crying like a baby!!! ...and sure enough, UP wins!!!!!

6:00 I like how all the winners are keeping their speeches short. oh no.... here comes Miley Cyrus. Joined by Amanda Seyfried they present Best Original Song. My bet is on Crazy Heart. And so far i'm 3 for 3 ppl!

6:05 Chris Pine...yummy. Thanks again, producers. He presents Best Picture Nominee #2, District 9.

6:11 Robert Downey Jr. and Tina Fey.... RDJ is so cute wearing sneakers! I dunno about that bow and glasses though. Best Original Screenplay.... I want UP to win, but it won't. It's got The Hurt Locker written all over it. And.... I'm 4 for 4!

6:17 Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick, later joined by Judd Nelson, Macaulay Culkin, and Duckie present a heartfelt montage about John Hughes. Sixteen Candles, i love u forever.

6:23 Samuel L Jackson presents Best Picture Nominee #3 Up. Oh gosh, my tears from the John Hughes tribute aren't dry yet and they start showing clips from this heartbreaking animated movie!

6:27 Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana present Best Short Film & Best Documentary Short. I know nothing about these categories so i'll say that Carey is pixie cute and Zoe's top glistens beautifully-- until the camera pans out and there's some purple shit attached to her dress. What is that? Ube? (Taro? for u non-filipinos) Logorama & Music by Prudence wins respectively. Good for them.

6:34 Who is this loud lady in a purple blanket speaking annoyingly at the viewers. Poor dude who accepted with her didn't get a word in. AND, they're the first people to be Oscar-music ousted offstage.

6:35 Omg... Carey and Zoe are still presenting???

6:37 Ben Stiller presents as a Na'vi and thank god for his timing. I'm sure people were starting to change the channel. He's presenting Best Make-Up and Avatar isn't even nominated! LOL!!!
Star Trek wins! Geeks still shout out in glee.

6:43 Jeff Bridges presents Best Picture Nominee #4 A Serious Man. Never seen a preview for this movie and I'm confused. Why was this nominated?!

6:47 Jake Gyllenhal and Rachel McAdams (two awesomely good-looking people) present Best Adapted Screenplay. This is a hard one. I could see any film winning. And the award goes to.... Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire. Well, good thing it went to the movie that cites its literary basis EVERY time it's mentioned in the media.

6:52 Queen Latifah looks so elegant. She shoulda got an Oscar for Set it Off. She was crazy lesbo gangsta bank robber in that movie!

6:55 Robin Williams presents Best Supporting Actress. Let's not kid ourselves. This Oscar is going to Monique. Her character still scares me. I'm afraid pots will start flying at my head if she's around.

7:00 Monique thanks the Academy for "letting it be about the performance and not politics." Heh. Let's see who wins Best Picture first, hon.

7:01 Colin Firth presents Best Picture Nominee #5 An Education. How old is Carey Mulligan?

7:05 Sigourney Weaver presents the award for Best Art Direction. I don't see this going to anyone but Avatar. Yep, I'm right.

7:09 Tom Ford and Sarah Jessica Parker - where movies meet fashion. They present Best Costume Design. My vote is for Young Victoria or Coco Before Chanel. Winner is Sandy Powell for Young Victoria. She's won this award twice before.

7:11 Charlize Theron presents Best Picture Nominee #6 Precious: Based on a novel Push by Sapphire. This movie is quite disturbing before it is inspiring IMO. I could not watch it again and yet, I recommend others to see it.

7:17 Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin do a parody of Paranormal Activity and then the real horror comes out...

7:18 Taylor Lautner comes out with ::gag:: Kristen Stewart. Scary indeed.

7:19 Horror montage begins with Jaws. FUCK. Here comes Freddy. Psycho... The Shining.... Oh hell no... I hate that Chucky kid. This is WHY i DO NOT watch scary movies.

7:22 Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron present Best Sound Editing with a little help from Morgan Freeman. The Hurt Locker wins. Best Sound Mixing goes to them as well.

7:28 Elizabeth Banks gives some recognition to the Sci-Tech winners. And sadly, no one really cares or knows what she's talking about.

7:29 John Travolta presents Best Picture Nominee #7 Inglourious Basterds which really was such a great fun film. I still laugh at Brad Pitt's "Bon-zhure-no"

7:34 Sandra Bullock presents Best Cinematography. Here's our best clue as to how this night goes. Avatar wins! The Na'vi had something to do with it.

7:37 Demi Moore looks pretty good. I'm sure somewhere Perez Hilton is talking shit.

7:38 James Taylor sings "In My Life" to honor those that have passed. Patrick Swayze, David Carradine, Brittany Murphy, Natasha Richardson-- i'll miss u guys the most.

7:45 J Lo and Sam Worthington present Best Original Score. The orchestra performs while dancers take the stage. I dont know how I feel about this. I think I'd rather just hear the music. Either way, the award is going to Michael Giacchino for UP. It just HAS to. If not, he was ROBBED.

7:52 Thank you to TPTB bc Michael Giacchino's score for UP was just perfect. He deserved that award.

7:54 Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper present Best Visual Effects. Avatar wins. They're cleaning up on the Effects side.

7:56 Jason Bateman presents Best Picture Nominee #8 Up In The Air. This is my personal favorite. (next to Up of course).

8:01 We're now down to the Best Documentary Movie nominations. These are the movies that terrify me. The winner is The Cove. Yes, let's save the dolphins!! Hey, that's Minkowski from Lost! Dude that died of time travelling nosebleeds on Lost.

8:05 Tyler Perry presents Best Film Editing. The Hurt Locker wins. It really is a battle between Hurt Locker and Avatar. James Cameron must be shaking in his Na'vi boots.

8:08 Keanu Reeves presents The Hurt Locker, Best Picture Nominee #9. Not a fan of war movies but it seems I'm gonna have to watch this film. Especially if it beats the almighty Avatar.

8:14 Pedro and Quentin present Best Foreign Language Film. It goes to The Secret in their Eyes, Argentina.

8:18 Kathy Bates presents Avatar, Best Picture Nominee #10. Now THAT is a strange pairing.

6:24 Michelle Pheiffer presents Jeff Bridges, Vera Farmiga presents George Clooney, Julianne Moore presents Colin Firth, Tim Robbins presents Morgan Freeman, and Colin Farrell presents Jeremy Renner. Its cute hearing these stories but let's just hear who wins already!!!!

8:31 .... Jeff Bridges wins Best Actor in a Leading Role! Surprised? Not at all!

8:39 It's time for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Let's see who's presenting who.... Ew, I see Oprah up there.

8:40 Forest Whitaker presents Sandra Bullock. Could this mean she's a shoe-in?? Forest is pretty high on the totem pole.

8:41 Some British guy I don't know presents Helen Mirren. She's sooo not winning.

8:43 Peter Sarsgaard presents Carey Mulligan. Another Brit, another nominee--not winner.

8:44 Oprah presents Gabouray Sidibe of Precious.

8:45 Stanley Tucci presents Meryl Streep. God, to work with her would be divine.

8:47 Sean Penn gives the award for Best Actress in a Lead Role to..... Sandra Bullock!!! She didnt prepare a speech. I'm already crying and she hasnt gotten up there.

8:52 ::sniff::sniff:: i heart Sandra Bullock.

8:53 Babs! (Barbra Streisand) is presenting Best Director. Here it is. Battle between Kathryn and James....Dun dun dun!!!

8:55 Kathryn Bigelow WINS!!!! How does it feel, James?!?!!?!?

8:58 Tom Hanks runs out there and wastes no time. BEST PICTURE goes to The HURT LOCKER!!!! Smackdown Avatar. SMACKDOWN.

Overall, it was a WAY BETTER show than last years. Alec and Steve were great. And someone owes me money because I knew the Academy wouldnt give it to Avatar. I'm sure James Cameron is somewhere trying to figure out how u say "WTF" in Na'vi?? LOL....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shipper Sentiments: Pacey & Joey Kisses

Season 3 of Dawson's Creek is how I FOREVER choose to remember the entire series. Though there are PLENTY of Pacey/Joey Shipper scenes, I had to start off my new segment with these two specific scenes. The first is when boy kisses girl. The second, when girl finally finds the courage to listen to her heart and kiss the boy so awesomely in love with her. Enough talk, i'll let the scenes speak for themselves. Enjoy!!

Can Anybody Find Me... Somebody to Love??

Since there's a bit of Valentine's Day residue floating around...
And I'm a sucker for those shipper moments...
And I'm forever wasting time on YouTube...

I decided I'm introducing a new segment on my blog: "Shipper Sentiments"

Every now and then, I will post scenes of my favorite TV couples and the moments that defined their relationship. I hope you agree with these choices, but if u don't-- please, feel free to present your own candidates.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy's Commentary

Disclaimer: Forgive me, because I started this blog high. And thus, my attention span eventually diminished by the 3rd hour? of this damn Awards Ceremony.

8:00 So... who's ready to go GaGa for Grammys...?? Why is there a screeching crazy black man trying to scare me onstage?

8:02 GaGa looks like a Batman's sidekick Robin. But dressed as a Lucky Charm / Transvestite with Christina Aguilera hair circa her "Dirty" album days.

8:03 Am i high or am i really gonna turn into a monster like this guy says?!!?

8:04 Oh Schnapps! Elton John is onstage and all GaGa-ed out!!

8:06 Lady Gaga with Elton John on their pianos is SO FUCKIN AWESOME. "Your Song" / "Speechless" mash-up is totally made of WIN!

8:09 Hmm... Stephen Colbert? I dunno about this.... a few funny moments but is he really fit to host a music show?

8:11 WTF is this an Ipad commercial? Song of the Year goes to...

8:13 Single Ladies WINS! They must have heard about that whole Kanye VMA drama.

8:15 Green Day performs with the cast of American Idiot.

8:17 Ok I'm just gonna put it out there. Doesn't Green Day's drummer look like the lead singer of Rascal Flatts?

8:18 Who knew women could sing Green Days songs better than them?

8:20 There's gonna be a tribute to MJ and its in 3-D. Really!?

8:24 Kristen Bell... What is up with that stewardess outfit gone wrong?

8:26 Country Album goes to Taylor Swift. Like there was any question. That dress looks pretty until u see the back.

8:27 Simon Baker calls Destinys Child, Destinys Children. Hee..

8:30 Beyonce is performing as Commando Barbie with Toy Soldiers and covers Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know." Mashups tonight are made of win!

8:39 Seal introduces Pink.

8:41 Sure enough she sings hanging from the ceiling again. Is anyone else terrified that there's no harness?! Like at all?!

8:44 Pink should really just start her own Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas with her own music and everything. Pink, call me if u want a producer.

8:46 Zac Brown Band wins Best New Artist. Well adios and via condios!!

8:54 Miley Cyrus introduces BEP (Black Eyed Peas). 2 things I despise about mainstream music.

8:57 I got a feeling... the Black Eyed Peas don't have a very good wardrobe stylist.

9:05 Jonas Brothers. AHHHH ... OMG!!!! Ahhh.!!!! (fake screams) introduces Lady Antebellum. Ahhh!! OMG!! Ahhh (real screams) because i heart Lady A.

9:08 "Need You Now" would make the best karaoke song when you're drunk & heartbroken ("...its a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and i need u now....")

9:10 Comedy Album goes to Stephen Colbert. He thanks Jesus and blah blah... he's just not doing it for me. I'm not laughing at all.

9:18 I got a feeling.... Record of the Year is gonna go to TSwift. WHoa! I'm totally wrong! Kings of Leon finally win an award!!! AND they're drunk! Niice...

9:20 Iron Man's RDJ is always hot. He introduces his buddy Jaime Foxx, T-Pain, and their band the Auto-Tuners. (sarcasm. not a real band.)

9:25 Slash comes out on stage and I'm finally interested.

9:26 Justin Bieber and Ke$ha cant read a teleprompter to save their lives.

9:33 Best Rock Album goes to Green Day. Yeah, i got nothin'.

9:36 Zac Brown Band harmonizing America the Beautiful like they're auditioning for Glee.

9:45 Ryan Seacrest... This isnt the E channel or Idol. GO AWAY!

9:48 Stevie Nicks joins TSwift and finally! Someone able to reveal TSwift ISNT PERFECT!! I was starting to believe she was a talented robot.

9:50 I'm feeling this remix of You Belong With Me.

9:52 I'm putting on my 3-D glasses.

9:54 Hurry up already Lionel!

9:58 I'm not sure I see much from this 3-d show but if the celebrities are wearing them, then I will too.

9:59 Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Usher, and Carrie Underwood sing along with another MJ

10:00 MJs kids accept his lifetime achievement award. Haven't i seen this already!?!?

10:09 BON JOVI!!!!

10:11 I envy Jennifer Nettles with her cute hair, cute clothes, and ability to sing love songs with cute men.

10:15 ::SINGING:: (at the top of my lungs) Ohhhh! Living on a Prayer...!!

10:18 Jigga, Rihanna, and Kanye win for Run This Town, but without Kanye, the speech is forgettable!

10:24 Learnin some Creole with Go-To Haitian Guy, Wyclef Jean

10:26 Andre Bocelli could sing in Pig Latin and it would sound deeply meaningful.

10:30 Mary J Blige looks like a mermaid in that sparkly blue contraption she's wearing.

10:35 Unnecessarily being told about Grammy Awards history.

10:40 Adam Sandler comes out and i look back at the television.

10:43 I think there's a future for me as a fiddler. There's been one in almost EVERY performance!

10:46 Lea Michele presents with Ricky Martin!?!?!!?

10:47 Beyonce wins Best Female Pop Vocal and she thanks her hubby, Jigga. Say it with me.....Awww!!!!!

10:58 Maxwell sings with Roberta Flack. Where is the love....??? I LOVE THIS SONG!

11:03 Time to pay homage to Les Paul featuring Jeff Beck. I really wish I learned guitar at like the age of 2.

11:12 Quentin Tarantino introduces Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne and Travis Barker as Glorious Basterds. That's cool, right?

11:16 It must be. TSwift is even trying to rap along.

11:18 I realize how much I miss the old Eminem.

11:25 John Legend and Santana present Album of the Year. And it goes to.... TSwift! She screams! She jumps up and down in that god awful dress with a back cut that would give Tim Gunn nightmares. Wow, she really is STILL surprised that she won.