Monday, September 1, 2008

Gossip Girl Premiere!!

3 words, 8 letters. ::SOBS:: Why didn't you just say it Chuck!?!?!!? if you and Blair are truly meant to be together...WHY DIDNT YOU SAY IT!!!! Why do boys NEVER just say it! lol...You know what, it's ok. Because clearly you still love her and you'll be pining over her all this season and somehow you'll whisk her away from the dashing British lord. But after you learn your lesson. Besides, that British accent is just what the cast needed. (ironically Ed Westwick aka Chuck has an accent in real life!) He is a little on the dry side though... I already forgot his name... James, was it? Well, he would still be the perfect distraction/rebound for Blair. But only for the meantime. As for other introduced story lines, well...
Nate and an older, married woman... Hmmm... a lil too cliche for me. I need that story line to get a lot juicier and more original if continued. Dan and Serena get back together... was it just me or was that WAY too easy?! ::sigh:: that just means they've got a hell of school year coming at them. To be honest I didn't really care where Vanessa was. And lil J gettin snubbed as an intern, didn't we see enough of her being snubbed last year? As far as season premieres go, this one was just a tad bit too tame for me, especially it being Gossip Girl and all. But here's to hoping it'll get much more controversial. XOXO =)

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