Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pre-FALL TV Premiere Commentary

Upon entering the month of August, one is quick to think about September and the following Fall season. Leaves will change colors, the winds will pick up, kids will begin back-to-school shopping, and I will once again start planning this year's big event (another birthday party of yours truly, of course). But all of this is really tantamount to the exciting new FALL TV LINEUP! From hunky heroes to deliciously backstabbing gossip girls, here is a preview to what will prove to consume much of my time and attention for the next several months. (til January when the midseason stuff begins-- then i'll really be Lost!)

what i'll be watching: this night belongs primarily to the CW. First of all, GOSSIP GIRL was my favorite new show last season. And those ads promoting "every parent's nightmare" as a response to the pathetic moms and dads who rallied to accuse the show of its bad influences....fucking BRILLIANT. Then to be followed by ONE TREE HILL! It's every scheming/wicked/dramatic/bitchy girl's dream! (yes, i described myself, don't hate.) The only problem is.... the needy, girly, still-hoping-for-a-Brooke-and-Lucas-reunion side of me will have to battle it out with the hardcore sci-fi nerd in me because HEROES is on at the same time as OTH. its a toss up as to who will get put on the streamline list, but if OTH begins to have too much of those hi-im-Peyton-and-im-emo-all-the-time episodes....HEROES it IS.

what else is on: Dancing with the Stars... over it. (never really into it for that matter), Samantha Who? at 9:30 (which i find such a bizarre time slot) i absolutely love this show and kudos to Christina Applegate. it will definitely be on my streamlining list. Chuck, my apologies for not being able to watch this show, I hear good things. How I Met Your Mother and Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles are also shows I need to find time to start watching. And last but not least, Prison Break.... I will not attempt to deny that I missed the entire last season. Until I do, it wouldn't be right to watch this coming one. I truly hope I hear redeeming things about it.

what i'll be watching: these nights will solely belong to FOX. Last season's HOUSE finale was by far the best written, best directed, and best performed season finale-- a complete masterpiece of shocking moments, heart-breaking moments, and just DAMN good tv! Watching how the reverberations of what happened unfold will be a delight. In addition to Hugh Laurie and co. Fox has the highly anticipated FRINGE shortly following. This sci-fi/fantasy-esque premiere starring (one of my former loves) Joshua Jackson (yes, Pacey. bless his heart!) is produced by none other than J.J.Abrams of Lost himself. It's gotta be worth watching, right? Let's hope so. 

what else is on: not much of a competition guys...Opportunity Knocks (game show comes to your home! --er, sounds lame and kinda creepy). The Mentalist (psychic turned detective....blah blah). NCIS (JAG thanks). The Biggest Loser: Families (why didn't my family get chosen?) Without a Trace, and Eli-are u frakkin kiddin me got resigned??--Stone. Oh and yes, the return of 90210. Ok, its not that I'm not excited about it, but given the recent hesitation from Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering, the premise that the newly moved kids Dad as the new West Bev High principal, and dammit! I still haven't forgiven Kelly for stealing Dylan from Brenda... I'm just not exactly happy they chose to bring this show back. I mean, by all means, make it a great show and I will issue a formal apology but they frak this up... it'd be just sad.

what i'll be watching: i think Wednesdays will be the day I do most of my homework since the shows that will be airing aren't exactly must-see TV. the only thing I'll look forward to is Dirty Sexy Money sans Samaire Armstrong as a regular cast member. It had many good moments last season but was it memorable? the jury is still out. but I am glad it was renewed as opposed to some of the shows listed below.

what else is on: Welcome back CSI, Criminal Minds, Deal or No Deal, Bones, and Top Model. But Lipstick Jungle?!?! seriously!? How did this show get renewed and not the better, more interesting Cashmere Mafia?! and no disrespect to Shonda Rimes (coz i luv her!) but Private Practice needs some ooomph! to it. I loved the characters of Amy Breneman and Paul Adelstein. Can we focus more on them and less on Addison and Pete. We've been there and done that! Pushing Daisies, I'd like to start watching but I'm still traumatized from the power of touch since I watched the movie Fallen so it may take me awhile. and last but not least, Knight Rider. Although the mini-movie premiere was watched by many, I'm sure some of those viewers found it to be VERY....corny? campy? really, really bad writing? Let's hope they made some significant changes over the past couple of months. It'd be a shame to get cancelled (especially since it took Jamie and Babe away from All My Children).

what i'll be watching: luckily my Thursday line-up will stay the same. ABC with its Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy combo is my most expected solid 2 hours of the week on TV. I hear Henry isn't signed on as a regular cast member. Does that mean we'll be seeing a serious relationship between Betty and Gio??! And poor Derek and Meredith...yeah, they FINALLY got together on the finale but where the hell did McDreamy run off to!? and mothereffin Izzie is officially not being written off. Merde!

what else is on: Supernatural and Smallville if ur looking for some Abercrombie turned actor looking types. I hear Supernatural is good. I dont give a shit about Smallville.  Survivor and CSI..blah. Moment of Truth... hmm.. didn't really enjoy watching all those liars on TV. where's the fun in lying and getting caught by everyone!? My Name is Earl and The Office are the only shows worth streamlining. 

psh...yeah right, I have to get out sometime. these are nights to interact with REAL people. 

this is the day of rest and detox from the two days before. i'll definitely watch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES--more out of habit and loyalty than interest. and of course, my dearly treasured BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I cannot stress enough what a great show this is. Mostly because of the incredible chemistry all the characters have. They get along soooooo tremendously well that it extends right out of the TV screen into your own home. the result: YOU are a part of this crazy, nutty, lovable, funny, adorable family. Watch it if you don't already love it. 

....well there you have it. a preview of what's to come. For a list of showtimes and premiere dates check out in the meantime, catch up on all those shows you didn't finish. Fall is just around the corner!!

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