Monday, January 5, 2009

Gossip Girl Commentary 1.5.09

So as I sit here trying to remember what happened on tonight's episode of GG almost 3 hours later, I have to admit that it's kind of hard... which means... it wasn't AS good as I expected it to be. Granted, my expectations are always high for GG because I love it so much. And I just wrote a commentary on OTH before this. But still, only one storyline seemed to have an effect:

Obviously, it's no secret that Blair is my favorite character and the Chuck/Blair love story has always been wonderful in my eyes. Whether they're verbally sparring, doing the nasty in backseat limos, or uttering painful i love you's and i'm sorry's I just want them to be together more EVERY TIME!!!! I'm invested in their doomed relationship because their characters just cant let themselves be loved!!! ::Sobs::

Tonight when Chuck finally steps down from the ledge and lets Blair hold him, like REALLY hold him... ::sigh:: I HAVE BEEN THERE PEOPLE!  silly boys with their issues! but lemme tell you girls, they all give in eventually!!!  oh Chuck, I only hope that when you find out whatever happened on NYE happened that you don't go all opium happy again. Speaking of which. Eww.. Jack Bass, really!?!? Blair must have been REALLY drunk. then again, finally saying i love you and getting the response "well thats too bad" can certainly throw a girl right into the arms of another. let's just hope the fallout wont be too bad. 

As for the rest of the I don't even really wanna get into it. I feel like I'm watching reruns! I mean, Rufus and Lily go away...again. this time to look for their son. Ok yeah, the son part is a big thing, but WTF... do they wanna be together or not? is the show gonna let them be even for a split sec? Talk about MIRROR images. Like father like son like Mother like daughter! Dan and Serena, back together AGAIN. Look, I like these two together but for chrissake! make up your damn minds!!!  and can we please get Lil J a storyline!! I am so sick of seeing the little mean girls and their antics. Ok! we get it! BAD, Snobby, Rich girls. Now we're over it. Show us something else!   

I have every bit of faith that the show will get juicier and the storylines will become more interesting in the following weeks. But until then, these commentaries will run short. Sorry!

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