Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mid-Season Gasps & Gripes

1. *GASP* Nate Archibald is going to reprise Kevin Bacon's role in the remake of Footloose! omg... how do i feel about this? Well, though I'm not saddened by Zac Efron's choice of turning down the part, I wonder if our Chase Crawford has the musical chops to pull this off... either way, I'm glad we'll get to see a different side of his acting. You know, the kind that doesnt involve just getting passed around from rich girl to rich girl.

2. *GRIPE* While I adore ABC Family (like the little annoying cousin of the family that wont shut up but is so young, we give her chance), their recent idea of doing a tv show based on the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" is just ridiculous! I do not understand how they could possibly do something better than what the movie delivered to fans like, so many years ago. And to replace the characters brought to life by such then young, up and coming actors like Julia Stiles, the kid from 3rd Rock, and hello!! HEATH LEDGER with unknowns??! Note to ABC Family: leave this indie treasure alone.

3. *GASP* JJ Abrams... u are one bad ass muther! Thank you for totally entertaining the hell out of us this past season and u completely deserve being ET Weekly's Entertainer of the Year. You not only found a way to bring Pacey back to me via Fringe, but you totally prepared me for finals by exercising my mind every week on Lost. As if that wasn't enough, you resurrect Star Trek and activate a whole new generation of fans who are enjoying the phrases: "beam me up Scotty" and "that would be illogical." the subject of Star Trek really deserves its own blog but lemme just say that the Casting was fuckin brilliant. I mean obviously, the space porn was amazing, major. but now uve birthed bonafide stars. Quinto's Spock was spot on plus some much appreciated Vulcan hotness, Chris Pine is definitely channeling some Shatner, McCoy was just the right amount of biting, cynical comedy relief, and lastly... casting that poor kid from Alpha Dog as Checkov was GENIUS. U totally rock my world Mr Abrams. I can't believe ur the same person who created Felicity...

4. *GRIPE* Reports are in that there will be another motion picture version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But apparently, its a project void of the Whedonesque Buffyverse. Can u say...totally not worth it!? Blasphemous! Why on earth would they do this!? Its like the damn BSG movie without Ron D Moore all over again!! ::sigh:: They haven't even cast the role of Buffy yet. Let's hope they never do.

5. *GRASP?* The networks' fall season line-ups were announced this week and there seems to be a lot of emotions running rampant. For one, i'm glad Fox decided to give Dollhouse another chance. I swear people, its gotten WAY better! Watch it now! Fringe has been moved to Thursdays at 9. Not sure if this is good considering itll prolly battle it out with Greys? Eh.. Speaking of which, I love u Shonda but thank goodness they didnt approve another one of your shows. I'm just not happy with oh u know.. that lil side project called Private Practice. YAWN. I am glad, however, that Fox picked up Glee. Man, is this a ray of sunshine or what?! I totally recommend everyone to see it. Lastly, it's a shame the CW network couldnt "wrap their heads around the 80s backdrop" of Lily Van Der Woodsen's spin-off because it actually looked good. Inspite of my initial doubts, this looked promising. And now we have to endure another Vampire-related tv show: the Vampire Diaries. God, when will this damn Twilight hype ever go away?! At least this show will be scripted by Kevin Williamson. Its about time he came back. Although nothing will replace the love i have for Dawson's Creek.

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