Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Fall Season TV Lineup MILD SPOILER ALERT!

So basically, if u havent seen any of these shows' last seasons, then don't read the info underneath! I wanted to post this before next week when the Fall Season officially begins. Feel Free to Counterargue, Comment, Commend... my picks. XOXO

MANIC MONDAYS: GG, House, Heroes ALL @8pm!
This one is a no-brainer ya'll. I'm obviously biased when it comes to GOSSIP GIRL solely for the purpose of watching my beloved B wreak havoc on everyone she dislikes for fun. (sounds like me, hee!) But friends/fans beware! I've heard rumors that include S being a slut over the summer (wait, this is new?), Dan & Georgina hooking up at NYU, Blair catchin Chuck cheat, and *GASP* Chuck kisses a guy and goes bi! can u say OMFG! and something about Hilary Duff being V's roommate. Hmm.. don't know if I like this or not but I'm sure it'll somehow make V more interesting. ::snickers::

Things are pretty crazy at HOUSE also and by crazy, I mean our favorite sarcastic doctor hallucinating having sex with Cuddy & finally feeling the effects of all that Vicodin addiction! This season, we can expect to see more of Cameron and Chase (finally!), as well as Foreman who will take over House's duties. Sadly, Kutner committed suicide and Hadley aka Thirteen is still on the show.

Losers, er--- HEROES... yeah.... wtf happened to this show?! oh yeah, just about everything and nothing at the same time. Tell me again why they killed Elle? She was by far the most interesting person on the show last season. And Milo, no matter how cute u are, this show is officially losing any chance of winning me back. Especially with this whole new Carnivale twist its taking. oh and Ali Larter..*sigh* that crazy bitch pyscho u played in Obsessed is more entertaining than Nikki, Tracy, (Samantha), (Barbara), (Christina)... etc. all put together. And am i REALLY supposed to believe that Sylar is carryin on in Nathan's body!?!? THAT WAS THE PLAN?! REALLY WRITERS!?!? ::Shaking Head::

Honorable Mention: One Tree Hill is at 9pm
So OTH is without Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton. (aka Leyton or as I like to call them, Pucas like Puke-ass) Contrary to popular opinion that this is prolly the most horrifying thing that could happen to the show, I'm actually glad I dont have to sit thru ANOTHER season of Lucas' pained, constipated facials and the equally whiny sounds of his always depressed or dying Peyton. I know it's hoping for much but I believe with the proper writing, a shift of focus to the Naley Family Unit and Brooke's potential for playing the show's female lead wouldnt be so bad and maybe a nice way to end the very possible final? season of our One (&only) Tree Hill.

Other Shows: Lie to Me & new show Trauma also @9pm, Dancing with the Stars from 8-10pm (can u say cruel & unusual punishment?) followed by CASTLE?! Maybe there's hope for OTH's renewal yet!

Tank Tuesdays. (because Tuesdays sort of blow...PUN intended) Shark Tank, The Biggest Loser, 90210, & So You Think You Can Dance ALL @8pm
what is with the SHARK programming lately? Sorry, but I don't think I can ever get into it, even if the rest of the viewerworld can. Who's the BIGGEST LOSER? oh yeah, a show called 90210. (ha, referenced both shows in one quick line. For someone who hardly ever watches reality dance shows, I'll be watching SYTYCD on Tuesday nights from 8-10pm.

Honorable Mention: Melrose Place@9pm
ok, ONLY because I was obsessed with the OG Melrose Place will I attempt to watch this new take on the show. And once upon a time, and still to a certain extent, do I find Ashlee Simpson entertaining. Plus, among the cast is Colin Egglesfield (Josh from All My Children), Jonah Miller (the Greek guy from Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants) and Mrs. Channing Tatum (Jenna Dewan of Step Up) is supposed to guest star. I'm at least willing to bet it'll be better than the 90210 redux.

Other Shows: NCIS Los Angeles & Dancing w/the Stars Results: eh.. wack & wack. However! I do suggest ppl try The Good Wife @10pm on CBS starring ER's Julianna Marguieles (sp?) Lots of positive buzz on this show based on headlines of political scum husbands and the wife that must solemnly stand by his side. Scum husband is none other than Mr. Big himself Chris Noth!

Wacky Wednesdays: there's Modern Family! there's Glee! Cougar Town, The Beautiful Life, Mercy, Eastwick, & America's Next Top Model! (see how they get from good silly to just plain SAD silly?!)
ok so... let's start with the Good Shows. There's Modern Family & Glee. Modern Family is only half an hour long but packed with really smart jokes and insights into 3 different kinds of families (that are all hilariously related to each other). Glee is an hour long escape from what is otherwise known as boring/disillusioned life. (i cant wait to see Somebody to Love & GoldDigger!!!) Between the two of these shows both starting @8pm, you'll finally find a reason to have a good laugh even if ur having the shittiest Wednesday of your life. (a welcome change since Wednesdays from last season consisted of OMG, what does this all mean?? WHEN are we?!! --which is all from watching Lost if you're deprived and dont know what i'm talkin about) Modern Family is followed by Cougar Town (starring former Friend Courtney Cox) in a show about an aging lady who must turn to unconventional ways of "taking care" of herself. Now here's where we take a turn for the worst... You can try out The Beautiful Life because I will. Not because of Mischa Barton though. I hate that skinny bitch. But does anyone remember the reality show on MTV about models called 8th & Ocean?? It was actually entertaining so i'm hoping this show will be and it does have Ashton Kutcher as a producer. If you wanna dive deep into depression, you can watch Mercy (a Greys Anatomy version of Nursing life) @8pm or even Eastwick (a show about witches starring B list TV actresses..? no thanks) @10pm. OR if you really wanna watch crap tv, watch yet another season of crazy bitch Oprah wannabe Tyra on the very *tired* America's Next Top Model. (only thing mildly interesting about this season is that Lauren Conrad is rumored to be a guest judge. Then again, so is Kim Kardashian. pro so quickly balanced by a con.)

Other Shows: Law & Order SVU (this show is STILL on?!), SYTYCD Results (duh! just read about it the next day!), and The Jay Leno Show (when will "retirement" really mean retirement as in for-ev-er?)

Thinking Thursdays: what? with Flash Forward AND Fringe!! this is the night you must watch tv with a notepad and take notes!! then u hop online afterwards to debate with complete strangers about theories, shippers, etc. Oh wait, was that just me?
You've seen the previews from watching Lost last season. Flash Forward @8pm has Penny (from Lost), Harold (from Harold & Kumar), Joseph Fiennes (from Shakespeare in Love), Gabrielle Union (from Bring It On & Bad Boys II), and last but not least... Dominic Monaghan (Charlie from Lost /Merry from effin LOTR). For 2 and something minutes there's a huge blackout and ppl see into their futures. Some stuff is cool, most of it is not. Cue lots of "what does it all mean!!?" and "OMG, i cant sleep tonight" after watching this show. A nice way to spend our time before Lost returns in January.

Fringe moves to Thursdays at 9pm. When we last left Liv aka Det. Olivia Dunham she was meeting Leonard Nimoy aka uber boss of Massive Dynamic himself in one of the Twin Tower buildings that never fell because oh yeah, we're in an alternate reality!!! Also, we find out that Pacey--er, Peter isn't from our world because he died. Meaning the Peter we know is really Peter from Alternate Reality. I met Astrid at the Con. (that's prolly irrelevant but I just wanted to share) Lol.

Other Shows: Greys Anatomy at 9 (vs Fringe)? HA! Sorry Shonda but George is dead, yet Izzie is alive. WHY!?!?!?! ::SOBS:: and to add insult to injury, u miraculously got Private Practice a renewal?! UGH. I might as well call Code Tivo for your shows this season. In fact, I'd rather watch Community (starring the Soup's Joel Mchale & Chevy Chase about some random adults attending class at a Community College), or the Vampire Diaries (featuring Lost's Boone). Not that I'm thrilled about yet ANOTHER vampire tv show but supposedly this is produced by Kevin Williamson who created a lil show called Dawson's Creek. Here's hoping the the writing will save it from becoming a sappy, emo vamp story ::cough::Twilight::cough::

Fan Fridays. Because only die-hard fans will sacrifice a Friday night to stay in and watch shows that have been basically given the time slot of death. Ugly Betty vs. Dollhouse.
So if you're into girly things like fashion, makeovers, and magazines you'll wanna catch Ugly Betty at 8pm; if you're a sci-fi geek who wants to redeem Joss Whedon's viewership due to the super awesome Epitaph One episode shown at the Con this summer, then you'll definitely want to tune in for Dollhouse. ALSO at 8pm. Now... if you're like me, then you have a problem unless u plan on catchin one of the shows the next day. But when all is said and done, in this matchup, Dollhouse wins by a LANDSLIDE. I've been an Ugly Betty fan for awhile mainly because I love watching Amanda, Marc, Willie, and Betty's Dad. But the buzz this season is centered around Betty's... makeover? Uh.. yeah that's definitely NOT THAT interesting especially considering the competition. Dollhouse for one has 2 guest stars that were regular cast members of BSG!!! Jamie Bamber (Apollo) and Michael Hogan (Col Tigh) both appear on the show this season, as well as Summer Glau (from Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles) who is rumored to be a recurring cast member. I dunno about you folks, but its a done deal. I've seen photo stills for the Season Opener entitled "Vows" in which Echo is married to Jamie Bamber's character. It's gonna be awesome. 'nuff said.

Other Shows: Smallville, Supernanny, Southland, Sooooo Much better things to do on a Friday Night.

Social Saturdays! Meaning this is my day to actually interact with other ppl that aren't fictional TV characters.

Sisters and Sundays. Because Sundays are generally spent with the family and there's only one show I care to talk about that airs on Sunday-- Brothers and Sisters @10pm
Brothers and Sisters definitely had a rough season in its sophomore year. For one, too much time was spent fixated on douchbag big bro Tommy. Second, Kitty's affair was understandable in the beginning, but ended up making her look like a complete idiot and somehow we found ourselves rooting for Rob Lowe even though he did lie about his nomination for Governor? Senator? Whatever. Lastly, the horror story arc known as Ryan Lafferty happened. The kid probably wins second place in TV's Hall of Fame for Punk Bitch Sissies. (Dawson still holds first place). Here's hoping that we'll get better storylines for Sarah, Justin, and the ever entertaining Kevin come Sundays this Fall.

Other Shows: Amazing Race (which always seems to do well), Cold Case (this show is STILL on?), Three Rivers (yawn), Family Guy (yay!), Sunday Night Football (for the dudes)... Heh, I guess there's something for everyone.

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