Sunday, November 22, 2009

American Music Awards Live Commentary

8:02 Janet Jackson old skoool medley!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! Controool... Miss u much!!  omg... if i was your girll.... who else is dancing along?!?! 

8:05 Rascal Flatts is dancing to Janet! Who can blame them?!

8:08 First Janet, now Paula!? what year is this!?!?

8:10 Kings of Leon, you were robbed. 

8:20 Does anyone know if Daughtry kept his old band?

8:22 Shakira and her she wolf Amazonian women are all over the place gyrating and stepping. Anyone else find this a little scary? HELP!

8:23 oh wait, they just started jerkin. now this feels normal...

8:29 I <3>

8:35 Kelly Clarkson was said to be upset bc this song sounded too much like Beyonce's "Halo." (they were produced by the same person) But this version of "Already Gone" with the acoustics and live orchestra sounds AMAZING! I'm still a fan, Kelly. OG American Idol Winner fo sho!

8:43 Taylor Swift wins!! ....thankfully, there's no Kanye to interrupt her in London. 

8:44 Alicia singing New York, New York before starting Empire State of Mind.... white piano to match Jigga's white tux. CLASSY!

8:46 Reba's diggin it. So am I!

8:49 Perez Hilton was singing his heart out. Love it!

8:51 Green Day?! Really!? Kings of Leon, u have been robbed a SECOND time.

9:00 I am not BEP fan. All I can think about is how Fergie's husband cheated on her with a stripper. Poor girl, guess he couldnt meet her halfway.

9:04 I'm more amused by watching Glambert dance in the audience.

9:06 Was it a surprise to anyone that MJ won that award? I mean, come on! Uh... Did Jermaine Jackson really name one of his kids Jermajesty??

9:17 I guess Rihanna is really embracing the dark side. I like "So Hard" though. And all the lasers are distracting me. Its like being in Mark's Flash Forward. 

9:26 Carrie is sooo pretty. And she can SING. I'm sooo jealous. 

9:30 Lady Gaga after Carrie! What a treat!!! Its like couture Where the Wild Things Are. Oh Lady Gaga, what planet are u from and can i visit?!

9:33 Gaga breaks glass and plays on a burning piano. Beautiful. Love you Gaga. 

9:42 How old is Mary J? She looks good in that skin tight dress though. I could NOT rock that. 

9:47 Gloriana wins breakthru award and beats Lady Gaga. I'm ::this:: close to turning this shit off. I'm a country fan and I HATE Gloriana!!! Ugh..

9:50 I think I just saw Michael Buffer. Hmmm.. Wouldnt it be awesome if Manny Pacquaio came out and hijacked J.Lo's performance?! ....Sometimes when we touch....

9:58 Samuel L Jackson, u are one of the coolest guys i know. 

10:00 Is Whitney singing or talking? I was hoping for another old school medley. Damn!

10:03 Dont get emotional Whitney. I dont wanna cry...

10:14 Jermaine Jackson is MUSLIM!? Wtf?! 

10:15 Alicia!! I love a REAL performer. 

10:19 I should get one of those revolving piano thingees. 

10:25 OZ!! from Buffy!!

10:26 Eminem & 50 cent performs "Crack a Bottle" Somehow this feels out of place.....

10:28 Em raps his part in Drake's "Forever." Em's Relevance is once again re-instated. 

10:30 Timbalands in the hizzouse.... with a new friend So Shy? and Nelly Furtado!!! I wonder if her and Fergie still got beef....

10:42 I'm not a Green Day fan. used to be... but not anymore. Nice intro by LOTR/Lost/Flash Forward star Dominic Monaghan though!!

10:51 Do we really need to go thru this again? Isnt it obvious that guy Michael Jackson will win??

10:52 I stand corrected. Go Taylor! But are u really surprised?!


10:57 Adam... that made me blush. Way to end the show with some rough, dominatrix, bi-curious choreo! 

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