Monday, October 12, 2009

My 10 Most Annoying TV Characters... EVER.

#10. Maya (Heroes): Since I can't put the ENTIRE cast of Heroes Season 2 and so on... I chose to focus on Maya. Why not include her equally useless brother? Because he at least had the courtesy to get killed by Sylar soon enough for us to forget him. Maya, on the other hand... had to stick around, get boned by Mohinder, and then get all tangled up in one of his bug web thingees. Don't even get me started on that annoying accent either. She was better as a mutant on X-men-- but even then, she got her ass kicked by Storm.

#9. Tommy (Brothers & Sisters): First of all... ur a Douchebag. You cheated on your wife with a young blonde secretary (who also messed around with your younger brother). You secretly hate your other brother Kevin because he's the one who fathered your child (because you dont have strong enough sperm on your own.) You join forces with Holly against Sara, then for no apparent reason

 decide-- oh wait, I hate Holly! So u try to be a sneaky, but are bad at it, and nearly lose the whole Ojai company!! Instead of facing your consequences and taking responsibility, u run off to Mexico and the whole family follows you. Herego, the nonsense known as last season's finale.

#8. Callie (Battlestar Galactica): Man... it was a real toss up between her and a certain presidential aide. But in the end, Callie wins-- because we didn'tget the pleasure of seeing her choked to death by the Chief. After all her whining, cheating on Galen (with Hot Dog! of all people), and recklessly murdering Boomer(!)--that bitch gets airlocked by none other than
 the second most annoying character on the show, Tory. UGH. Talk about injustice!

#7. Caroline (Dollhouse): Typical college student / Animal Rights Activist who's stubborn as she is annoying. Hell bent on justice and irresponsible determination, she gets her boyfriend shot and killed while trying to free some critters. 

Then to escape her unfortunate situation, she joins the Dollhouse for a 5 year contract. If the show solely focused on her alter-active ego Echo instead, maybe this show wouldn't be in such danger of cancellation. Sigh.

#6. Riley (Melrose Place 2.0): This girl needs a serious wardrobe makeover. Bellbottom jeans with a long sleeve olive green blouse that does nothing for her figure. Then toppin it off with wooden dangly earrings. ::vomit:: She's all weirded out about her boyfriend who proposes to her and then kisses "good friend" Auggie. Puh-Lease!! Ur no better than anyone on ur block morally, Ms. Schoolteacher. I cant wait till Jonah dumps yer ass.

#5. Kate (Lost): I don't care if she's been on the show since the beginning. I don't care if she chooses Jack or Sawyer or even Hurley for that matter!! Every season she proves to be a freaking buzzkill. Her backstory can be summarized as: white trash complete with a stepfather homicide and trashy waitress mom! She's been stealing since she was what? 8? 9? She gets her best friend killed and then robs a bank to steal that bestie's toy airplane?!?! No wonder she had no problem stealing Claire's baby! Can the FBI please put this woman away already!? 

#4. Tino (My So-Called Life): He was so annoying and we didn't even see him. Ok, so maybe he was annoying, because he was NEVER there!!! And yet, somehow everyone knew him and mentioned him like he was THE man. He's the reason Jordan's band Frozen Embryos broke up. He never made it to any of the practices. He spread rumors about Rayanne and suggested house parties he never attended himself. How rude! 

#3. Dawson (Dawson's Creek): Talk about a killjoy! I truly believe he singlehandedly started the Emo kids revolution. From his freaky sex crazed feelings for Jen to the stupid, childish hold he forced upon Joey for like an eternity...  His facial expressions sucked just as much as his movies. And just to prove my theory that he was always gay, uh yeah... who did he end up with at the end of the show? That's right... nothing but The Creek. Loser!!    

#2. Peyton (One Tree Hill): Sigh. P Sawyer's always soo sad life went a little 

something like this: I like to draw pictures. I don't really like being a cheerleader. I like Lucas, but then I don't. Lemme wait till he gets with my best friend so I can go behind her back and then sleep with him. My daddy's always away on a boat. I'm adopted. I meet my real mom but she's dying of cancer! Like an idiot, I let strangers watch me thru my webcam and then get freaked out when a stalker tries to kill me! I guess I love Lucas again. But later I refuse his proposal coz I'd rather ruin his wedding when he's moved on. I'm pregnant but could die! People always leave... THANK GOD SHE FINALLY DID!

#1. Dawn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): She RUINS eVeryThing!! Ask any Buffy fan. First of all, she's not even human and ends up being the reason Buffy has to die at the end of Season 5. 

As if that's not enough to seek her sister's attention, she repeatedly conjures up demons (accidentally), putting herself in danger so much that big sis has to save the day again. In "Once More With Feeling," she gets all klepto and her solo begins with: "does anyone even notice...?" Our answer: No, bitch. Shut up!!!!

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