Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breaking General Hospital News!

**I've been super hooked on GH lately, so here's a little inside casting scoop!**

Just a tiny little blog to inform all u GH fans that Jonathan Jackson will be returning to the role of Lucky on October 27! (maybe this will finally knock some sense into Elizabeth!). In other cute boyish actor news... James Franco (Pineapple Express, Spider Man, Freaks & Geeks!) will ALSO be joining the GH cast-- but only on a temporary on and off basis. Word is he's playing someone that will represent Jason Morgan's worst nightmare. (GASP! Is he gonna go after the mob? or Sam?) And lastly... the actress Sarah Joy Brown (AKA Claudia-- the crazy obsessed baby maker) is leaving! by November 6. Supposedly, she's joining the cast of the Bold and the Beautiful... so does this mean someone finally kills the dumb bitch?!?!?! Lets hope so!!!

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