Thursday, September 24, 2009

Modern Family Premiere Highlights: Sports Guy Chest Bump!

First of all, while watching the pilot finally air last night, it seemed as if i'd already seen it-- since almost all of the scenes have been previewed over the past few weeks! (i.e. The baby with the creampuffs scene, the wannabe cool dad doing the High School Musical dances, or the Columbian mom going apeshit over a little league soccer game). But even if i HAVE seen it all before, it's still pretty effin funny. The Office-like mockumentary feel of the show is spot on & who knew that Julie Bowen had a comedic side? It's great to see her in something other than being Jack's sad ex-wife with a broken back on Lost!


- Phil Dunphy and the be-be gun fiasco. Not only does he accidentally shoot his son (a punishment he didn't want to give in the 1st place), but he then ends up shooting his daughter's new boyfriend and himself! His efforts at trying to be cool showcase his familiarity with text lingo among other things. And he claims he can intimidate with his eyes despite what he's saying with his smiling mouth. His scenes of viciously beating his much shorter son at basketball at the end is also hilarious. 

- Sofia Vergara as Gloria, the young Columbian wife to Ed O'neill's much older Jay Pritchett is like the milf of all milfs. Even her strong accent doesn't bother me. It provides wonderful comedy when Phil compliments her on her dress and she says, "Thank you Phil" but he thinks she means, "Feel," and tries to do just that! LOL... Her openly emotional, chubby son Manny is also adorable. Now if we could only add some Black people into this mix....

- Our gay couple is represented by the delightful characters of Cameron and Mitchell who have their very own special sports guy chest bump!! Mitchell seems to be pretty confrontational to anyone who might have a problem with their homosexual lifestyle-- except when it comes to his own family. Luckily, his hilarious partner Cameron, embraces that drama. Perhaps the BEST scene in this episode is when Cameron introduces the whole family to Lily (their new adopted Vietnamese baby) via the Lion King's "Circle of Life"!!!!

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