Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melrose Place S1E3 Recap: ...And the Plot Thickens! Well, sort of.

Father & Son
David thinks Michael killed Sydney and is going to prove it! oooOOoooOh! He steals Michael's office access card, breaks into his computer, and links all of Michael's files to his own laptop. Once safely at home, he logs in and discovers Michael has a file on all of Melrose Place's tenants-- old and new.

The Riley and Jonah Show
This week our crisis revolves around Riley not telling anyone that her and Jonah are engaged. What the hell is this girl so scared of?? Apparently, she's intimidated by Jonah when he's in the zone. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. Why would he wanna be with a girl who doesn't know what she wants? THAT is a fuckin great question. I'm sure WE'RE ALL ASKING that SAME THING. Although the two make up again by the end of the episode, Riley fails to tell Jonah about a drunken kiss she shares with Auggie. UGH. I can't wait till these two finally break up. I'm willing to bet that wedding will totally blow up in their faces.

My Favorite Publicist
Ella is still having issues with her new boss Caleb, who's just gunning for her termination. After an important director abandons a music video shoot, Ella steps up to fix things in hopes to solidify her job security. She recruits Jonah to do the gig. Despite his excellent filming of the music video, Caleb ends up putting the old director's name on the video since it will generate more airplay. Ella responds with approval despite feeling bad because its clear she has feelings for Jonah. Herego, the guilt in lying to him about fighting on his behalf.

Dirty Doctor
... except that Lauren doesn't actually sleep with anyone for money in this episode. Instead, she's practically stalking Michael because she wants to join his medical team. She even shamelessly name-drops David and tells Michael they live in the same building. In the end, Michael approves her membership despite the red flags on her medical profile due to her late payments. I'm thinking he plans on using her as leverage if David actually does come up with something against him.

Psycho Bitch!
Violet is creepily sneaking into Sydney's closet and trying on her clothes!! She clearly wants to be just like Mommy in that she's desperately trying hard to grab Auggie's attention. She even buys him a pair of $200 sunnies to thank him for getting her the restaurant job. Unfortunately, he doesn't accept it and the look on her face after her rejection shows just a trace of the crazy that we know is coming...

***Next week... Jane returns as the new landlord! Let's hope she suffers a better fate than Syd!

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