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Heroes Premiere Commentary: Redemption huh? We'll see about that.

The latest volume of Heroes is titled: Redemption. Yeah... Let's effin hope so. After last season's upsets, (like killing off Elle & ending with Matt Parkman mind powering Sylar into thinking he's Nathan!) I was ready to swear off this show. But hell, if I'm giving Melrose Place 2.0 a chance, I should give this show one too. Here's what our "Heroes" find themselves doing after 6 months...

Claire is at college and the first thing I notice is her jean jacket doesn't match her jeans. That's so annoying. She's apparently been paired up with the roommate from hell--a peppy, psycho bitch from hell who hates on teddy bears and has a full "trajectory" life plan mounted on her wall. She also likes to hog Guitar Hero and thinks Claire could really benefit from "bettering herself." I sort of wanna stab her in the eye but she actually ends up jumping out a window and killing herself, or does she? Claire thinks it coulda been murder and is egged on by another girl she meets at school, Gretchen-- who happens to recognize her name from the Texas Cheerleader Massacre in Season 1. I personally think Gretchen is a little too excited about all things murder, so it doesn't help that she catches Claire falling out of her own window to test a theory on whether her roommate actually jumped, fell, or was pushed out the window.

Ando and Hiro have set up a "saving lives" business titled "Dial A Hero." It appears Hiro spent a lot of money on a bizz that gets zero customers. His bitchy sister is conveniently there to tell him so. Is anyone else tired of this Japanese interplay?? Can't they just speak English already! To make this already uninteresting story worse, Ando harbors a big crush on the bitchy sister but she hates him. They're finally called out by their first client: a little girl whose cat is stuck on top of a building. After Hiro volunteers Ando to retrieve the feline and Ando falls, Hiro must use his freezing power to save the day. But after unfreezing time, something's wrong. Hiro can't seem to wake up/snap out of the time and space he just unfroze. Ando has to take him via dolly back to their building. Hiro finally comes into consciousness and admits he's seen a doctor about those nosebleeds: he's dying. Ando asks Hiro to simply go back in time and change the "moment this all began" so that he doesn't have to die. Apparently, this "moment" occurred on a night at a carnival 14 yrs ago, where a fortune teller told Hiro he'd be a hero. But Hiro swears he's sworn off going back in time. Damn.. I was hoping he could go back in time and change Heroes Seasons 2 & 3 while he's at it. Anyhow, Hiro somehow fucks up (like he always does) and ends up going back in time to the "moment" after all. To make a long story short, he meets the leader of the Carnis, Samuel (played by Teabag from Prison Break!) who has an agenda of his own and forces Hiro to change at least one thing from the past. Hiro chooses to prevent how his younger self bumped into Ando (fresh off the excitement about his hero news) causing Ando to spill his slushy all over the sister's favorite dress. This is supposed to explain bitchy sister's hate for Ando in the present?? When Hiro returns to the present time, sure enough Ando and the sister are now lovers and have been for years. And thus, Hiro is inspired ONCE AGAIN to screw with the past in an effort to "right all of his wrongs" since he's dying and all... yes, this must be his new mission. Dear Hiro, have we learned NOTHING from the past 2 seasons?!!? STOP TIME TRAVELING!!!!

Matt Parkman is trying his best to live the normal life. He's back with his wife, trying to be a good dad, and doing the usual police officer things. He's joined some sort of AA meeting thing where he talks about "not using." I'm sure he's referring to his powers and not actual alcohol or drugs, but the meeting people don't know that. After last season's finale, in which he forced Sylar into thinking he's Nathan, he's felt as if something really bad entered his mind, thus the staying away from any sort of mind control. Unfortunately, that something bad is Sylar himself, somehow stuck in Matt's subconscious. And he's pretty pissed that he's not in his own body. So, he taunts Matt. Calling him weak, not a man, being cheated on by his wife with the waterboy... things like that. Oh Sylar, you should be on Gossip Girl. Matt eventually caves and uses his power... on the poor waterboy, Roy of all people. Because in the end, Matt IS pretty weak and harbors jealousy towards a harmless waterboy that's been there for his wife and kid when he was busy in love with a certain super fast Blonde chic and playing house with Mohinder.

THE PETRELLIS: Mama Petrelli (Angela) is doing what she always does. Buggin. She's hassling Noah to hurry up and get the Company up and running again. She wants Matt Parkman to drop everything in his life to fix whatever is malfunctioning with Nathan/Sylar. She has Nathan/Sylar meet her in a Sushi restaurant clear across town and she's probably trying to bug Peter too, but he hasn't had time to return her calls. Nathan/Sylar feels...different. Invincible... Wants to be a Better Man... Sometimes he's looking back at his memories and can feel they're not really his. In short, he feels very unlike himself. Because he's Sylar!! He even experiences some of Sylar's powers and is freaked out. He tries to call Peter for help but Peter isn't returning his calls either. Peter, is busy busy busy.... back at his old paramedic job, but still using special powers when no one's watching. He actually helps a pregnant woman in a car accident by opening with "Hi, i'm here to save you." God Complex much? He saves newspaper clippings of the people he saves and knows all their names. He constantly listens to a radio for accidents when he's not on the job and takes double, even triple shifts. It's all a bit too OCD.


Noah Bennett is feeling pretty shitty after losing his family, losing his job, and losing the focus of the show for the past two seasons. Denco turns out to be his savior, when Traci Strauss vengefully goes after him via car-drowning. Denco wants to make an alliance: together they kill Traci before she kills them. But Noah refuses, since he wants to help Traci (fresh off the guilt for "bagging and tagging" heroes for years and not helping a single one of them). When Traci pays him a visit, he claims he can make Denco forget about her. She doesn't buy it, but Noah keeps his word by using the Haitian (!) on Denco. Later, when Traci pays Denco a visit and finds he really has forgotten about her and who she is, she spares his life. Too bad someone was already there to take him out before her. He's quickly cut up by another member of the Carnis. This Slicer guy tries to slice up Tracy after she walks in and witnesses the murder, but he cant coz she's all Aquawoman and can't be sliced. She tries to freeze him, he freaks out, and leaves. She calls Noah and explains what happened. Noah digs into Denco's gut and finds... a key.

Noah then enlists Peter to be his muscle before going to the bank and finding out what's in a safe deposit box that could've caused someone to kill Denco so violently. What they find is a compass that only works when Peter is holding it. (I'm assuming this is Samuel's dead brother Joseph's compass and he was one of Denco's unfortunate targets from last season) Slicer guy shows up on the scene. Him and Peter fight after Peter conveniently takes his knife slicing power. But after Slicer guy takes off, Peter tells Noah he wants out. He'd rather save lives than be around innocent people getting killed. Noah respects his choices, but reminds him to call his mother and they part ways. Later, when Peter responds to another radio call, he finds himself face to face with a sliced up Noah. Still alive but without the compass. In the hospital, all cut up and sad, Noah calls Traci and what follows is... a bit of romance?? They talk about not wanting to be alone and share clam chowder. Cute.

No sign of Mohinder. Maybe he's done us all a favor and returned to India.

The Carnis
- We open with them burying someone they've lost: Joseph
- Their leader is Samuel-- who likes to paint very lifelike tattoos on other people.
- One of those people... is Lydia-- who has a pretty back and seems to able to identify anyone drawn on her.
- They send Slicer guy out to kill Denco.
- They also have an interest in the past and changing it.
- They have a strong emphasis on family.
- Their time traveler is an old man hooked onto an IV (guess he's dying too)
- They want to "gather the rest" of the Heroes.

So do I think this season has a chance? Well... Let's hope they don't dive into yet another time-traveling centered story. Less of Hiro being stupid. More of Noah Bennett's road to redemption even if it does involve a romantic relationship with Traci. The whole Nathan/Sylar secret has got to come out sooner rather than later. No more ridiculous, unnecessary new characters (i.e. Maya, Monica Dawson, Caitlin--to name a few). AND THEN, I just might be happy.

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