Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gossip Girl S3E2 Mini-Recap: i love college... not!

Oh... the first day of college. So exciting, so full of hope... or if you're like me.... College is a fucking bitch. You need to meet new people, join clubs, find out where you fit in, blah blah blah... What it really is, is a reality check. It's the MAN's idea, society... telling you it's time to grow up and be somebody. That's otherwise known... as Bullshit.

Serena decides going to Brown wouldn't be her choice and just something to do to please her mom. She acts like a dumbass... first sabotaging Chuck's business plan after he tells Rufus about her lack of direction (which he did out of general concern). Then, she insults Rufus by telling him he's more scared of her mom than she is, only to come back and admit she really has been fucking up. Rufus, being the nice guy that he is, wants to help her and hopes that he can really be there for Eric and Serena. He doesn't wanna be just another of Lily's husbands. Lastly, S apparently keeps calling Carter not because he's a bad habit, but because he understands her like no one else. So they kiss and make up.

Blair tries out the dorming thing despite Chuck's warnings and finds out Georgina is her new roommate with Vanessa just down the hall. NYU is like her WORST nightmare. Keg parties, rooftop raucous, documentary movies, greasy pizza.... Dan Humphrey is the popular guy on campus! Yes, it's all very frightening. She tries several times to sabotage Georgina, who seems to be faring better than her, but fails. I hate seeing our Queen B so down, but the only upside is that at the end of the episode, she visits Chuck and hops into his bed to snuggle. Hee! Together they lay side by side, eyes closed and she asks him if he's ok. He responds, "i am now." ::Shrieks of Joy::

Dan and Vanessa try to be friends again after their whole "you're rich now and i'm still a boring Brooklyn girl" fight from last episode. Vanessa befriends Georgina and is dating Scott (aka Dan's half brother). Dan is doing pretty well for himself since he's already a famous published writer. He joins a writer's group and quickly finds a following. But just goes to show, even smart boys screw up since he hooks up with Georgina. Yuk.

Nate apparently hasn't started school yet and is still having a secret relationship with Bree Buckley. They decide to stay in for 24 hrs in an effort to fast forward their whole relationship since they cant actually be together. After the 24 hrs though, she feels like this could be more than a fling, so she tells her parents, but things look to be rocky in the future since their families hate each other.

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