Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Tree Hill S7E2: WTF... LOL... OVER IT! MOMENTS

WTF Moments - Dan is married to Rachel?!?! Ewww.... They we're like kissing! Apparently, she's now the love of his life-- having also experimented with deceit, drugs, etc. but now.. she's turned her life around, just as he has. Together they make a marketable product for Redemption-- something Rachel is primarily interested in. Forgiveness sells... and she makes sure of it by advertising through YouTube.

- Nathan DID?! sleep with the blonde, road chick! And just so there's no way he can deny it... she sends him a copy of her sonogram via Clayton to prove it! Yup, that girl is 3 months preggo! Can you say...Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccckk?!!? We end the episode with him getting ready to tell Haley all about his indiscretion. =(

LOL Moments - While Haley deals with a serious corporate label bitch named Miranda, she starts acting out a situation where she must tell Peyton & Lucas that the label's being shut down. Her impersonations of Pucas are soooo accurate!! From Peyton's would be facials to Lucas' nervous scratching of his head! Later, when she brings in Mia as successful leverage to convince Miranda not to close them down, she also does a nice little swagger walk while asking "who's the bitch now, bitch?" Hee.

- Dan approaches a homeless man by a dumpster and tries to offer him words of wisdom along with his own book. He tries to be all inspirational... talking about feeling happy for a little while vs. being happy for the rest of your life. I just about died when all the homeless man says is:"Ay what yo name is, man?" I swear, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

- Millie and Brooke have their hands full with a snooty, fake, fresh outta rehab actress who's supposed to be the new face of Clothes Over Bros. While brainstorming ideas on how to get rid of her, Brooke hilariously suggests they tell her the company's gone bankrupt. Or if that doesn't work, they should start speaking Spanish in an effort to confuse the ingenue into leaving on her own. When the actress comes out of the bathroom, Brooke actually starts speaking Spanish! Something, something cerveza was all I got out of it, but it shows Sophia Bush's real comedic charm. She also refers to Julian's movie poster of A Thin Red Line as the "ugly army man poster." Hee.


- Skillz and Mouth are still doing their naked standoff.

- Julian's dad shows up and thinks love with a promiscuous fashion designer is a dumb move. A successful film career would be better. Uh yeah, we had to deal with Victoria ALL last season. ENOUGH with the fucked up parents!! Even Dan seems to have found a new path!

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